Robot Console

IBM i Message Monitoring Software

Automatic message management, resource monitoring, and log monitoring

Manage Messages by Exception

Inattention to IBM i messages and events can result in backlogs of website orders, inventory updates, or account transactions—which is never good. Robot Console automatically searches message queues for anything that could impact system or application performance. When something goes wrong, Robot Console can automatically fix the issue or escalate it, so you can manage by exception. This robust message management software enables you to work more efficiently and have time back in your day to do what matters.

Increase Availability for Critical Resources

Real availability monitoring goes beyond the QSYSOPR message queue. Ensure that your business users have the access they need to the system resources and applications they rely on every day. Robot Console monitors system resources like lines, ports, and subsystems and system logs like QHST, QAUDJRN, or FTP requests at regular intervals. If it detects a problem, Robot Console can automatically take action, resulting in more uptime so business can run smoothly.

Reply, Escalate, or Troubleshoot from Anywhere

Robot Console lets you know when you must reply to a message. You can tailor the message notification options to your requirements. If a message isn’t answered in a reasonable amount of time, Robot Console routes it to someone else, even a user on a different IBM i. If you need to troubleshoot, you can open Robot Console in a browser-based interface from your preferred device and get to the bottom of issues quickly.


Key IBM i Monitoring Features

System Requirements: IBM i 7.2 or higher

Automate message management

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Easily create and implement message management rules without the need for constant operator training. Robot Console can automatically apply rules consistently around the clock, while tracking any actions taken outside of established automation rules.

Teach Your IBM i Message Management Software How to Respond

Most important IBM i events are preceded or followed by a message. You can use OPAL (OPerator Assistance Language) in Robot Console to react to those events immediately and unattended.

OPAL is easy to learn and use. You can use it to check the contents of a message and determine what action to take, just as an operator would. OPAL can then execute commands, call programs, cancel jobs, or call for help. There are more than 30 OPAL operations, in various categories, that you can use to tell Robot Console how to process a message. Here are few examples:

SUPPRESS—Suppress or ignore this informational message.

RESPOND—Change an informational message to response-required.

ENTER—Enter a specified reply to answer the message.

EXECUTE—Execute an IBM i command.

CALLCP—Call a CL program and pass pre-defined parameters.

PAGE—Send the message to the specified cell phone, laptop, or other device.

DELAY—Delay message processing for a specified period of time.

NOTIFY—Notify a user, via a pop-up window, that a message requires attention.

COPY—Copy the message to another message center.

TERMINATE—End the job that sent the message.

REDIRECT—Remove the message from a message center and put it on the specified center (which can be on another IBM i).

RPYWITHIN—Wait the specified number of seconds for a reply to the message. If no one replies, continue with the next line of OPAL code; if someone does reply, go to the reply section of OPAL.

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