HA-MX Monitor

MIMIX Application Monitoring Software

Trusted MIMIX availability monitoring for a fail-safe contingency plan

Keep Operating Through Downtime

Don’t risk lost sales, poor customer satisfaction, and a tarnished reputation because of issues with your MIMIX high availability application. Automatically monitor HA software to ensure business continuity when you experience unplanned downtime.

Guarantee Your Data’s Integrity

Once you’ve replicated your production environment in a downtime situation, rest assured that the integrity of your replicated data has not been compromised during the switch-over. MIMIX application monitoring software will send you alerts that you can act on immediately if and when any issues arise.

Monitor from a Single Pane of Glass

See any problems that might impact high availability in one central location. Enterprise Console makes it easy to view and manage all your monitoring alerts and issues in a single dashboard.


Flexible Features for Optimal High Availability Monitoring

HA-MX Monitor does the monitoring so you don’t have to

Automated replication monitoring

Flexible all-clear and issue alerts

Drill-down functionality into status details

Quick and easy deployment

Single point of access to performance information

Never Miss a Problem Again with Versatile Alerting

You don’t want to risk missing a critical alert, but notifications for every little thing, or repeat notifications of problems that have already been resolved, are distracting and take you away from other priorities. HA-MX Monitor lets you set alerts the way you want to receive them. You can:

Match your company’s escalation policy in the way you define the rules for alerts

Set a grace period for issues that don’t necessarily require reporting

Suspend alerts after a certain number of times to limit notifications about the same event

Send “all clear” alerts to assure everyone on an alert string that the issue has been resolved

Get Started

Make sure your data isn’t compromised when your production system has to switch over during downtime. Learn about HA-MX Monitor in a live demo.