HA-MX Monitor Comparison Checklist

HA-MX Monitor Comparison Checklist


Availability is a top priority not only in IT, but across the entire business. High availability applications have become a common necessity for ensuring that end users can access the data and applications they need, when they need them. Best practice recommends regularly monitoring high availability applications for synchronization issues and replication bottlenecks, so you‘re ready to make the switch when disaster strikes.

Halcyon is happy to provide this checklist to help you understand your options, identify the must-have features, and move forward in your evaluation process. This checklist helps you distinguish between HA-MX Monitor and other MIMIX monitoring software so you can make the best decision for your company.  


MONITORING Others Halcyon
Speed initial deployment with pre-defined monitoring templates.
Set thresholds to ensure your high availability environment is always ready to switch.
Automatically check the backlog on apply sessions and remote journals.
Automatically issue a command or call a program when a threshold is breached or an unacceptable status is detected.
Integrate and consolidate MIMIX monitoring with other monitoring solutions.



Escalate notification via SNMP trap, email, SMS, phone call, pager message, graphical alerts, and audible alerts.
Use flexible day-, date-, and time-based notification options to receive email notifications during the day and receive phone calls or SMS messages after hours, for example.
Take advantage of two-way email and SMS support.
Optionally delay alerts so that any potential short-lived issues have time to resolve themselves, reducing the number of notifications support teams have to manage.
Choose to receive an all-clear notification when an alert condition has been resolved.



MOBILITY Others Halcyon
Support your IT infrastructure via smartphone or tablet using Apple or Android mobile apps.
Partner with a forward-thinking ISV who offers modern applications that meet business needs.



Access complete online help for easy reference.
Work with a designated support consultant.
Call for live support during business hours.
Take advantage of 24/7 after-hours support.
Download software updates for new features and fixes.
Use product setup and upgrade assistance.
Attend industry and product webinars.
Get discounts on classes and event fees.
Read white papers, case studies, how-to documents, and other helpful resources.

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