Robot Monitor Comparison Checklist


SYSTEM MONITORING Others Robot Monitor
Monitor IBM i, Virtual I/O Server (VIOS), AIX, and Linux partitions on Power Systems servers.
Monitor the AIX/VIOS Error Report (errpt) log entries.
Monitor multiple logical partitions (LPARs) across multiple servers.
Monitor system performance.
Monitor memory pool performance.
Monitor system configuration.
Monitor total number of jobs that have ended but have spooled files.
Drill down to essential information.
Maintain an exceeded threshold history log.
Create time-sensitive checks using calendared thresholds.
Monitor objects in real time.
Monitor auxiliary storage pool (ASP) information.
Monitor size and count of objects in QTEMP libraries.
Monitor disk arm utilization.
Graphically show disk trends (including IFS) and highlight deleted records.
Use predictive analysis to forecast when your disk will need to be upgraded.
Find objects by object type, object owner, number of deleted records, and object damage.
Graphically break down disk usage by IFS directory, library, object owner, and other criteria.
Ensure that critical jobs are active.
Monitor job performance parameters.
Monitor job status.
Identify and address looping jobs using large amounts of system resources, such as QZDASOINIT jobs.
Show only highest CPU jobs that are executing using an SQL statement.
Work with jobs (e.g., change, hold, release, or end).
Analyze job accounting statistics for breakdown of usage, including details on spooled files and lines printed.
Monitor job components, including number of threads.
Monitor the data and configuration files of any IBM i business application in real time via SQL.
Apply thresholds and alerts and create historical and predictive trend reports for applications.
Monitor your line-of-business applications using a convenient API.
Monitor WebSphere MQ Queue Managers.
Monitor WebSphere MQ Listeners.
Monitor WebSphere MQ Channels.
Monitor WebSphere MQ Queues.
Monitor the BRMS message log for specific errors.
Monitor BRMS for the number of tapes available (total, active, or expired).
Monitor the health of Robot HA data replication and high availability components.
Monitor replication and audit status of various metrics within MIMIX.
Monitor the cluster, cluster node, and cluster resource group (CRG) status of PowerHA for IBM i.
HISTORY & REPORTING Others Robot Monitor
Automatically generate and distribute management reports or exported files on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis that are ideal for service-level agreements.
Produce availability percentage monitoring and report on when the system is available to users.
Produce detailed technical history to investigate and report on resource-intensive users that may be causing an overhead on the system.
Use predictive analysis to forecast when your system will need to be upgraded.
INTEGRATIONS Others Robot Monitor
Integrate with Robot Alert mobile notification software to receive critical alerts on your preferred device.
Integrate with Robot Network consolidation software to centralize notifications across partitions (VMs).
Integrate with Robot Console message management software to augment your current escalation process.
SNMP interface into enterprise monitoring systems such as HP BTO (formerly HP OpenView), CA Unicenter TNG, BMC Performance Manager, and Tivoli Netcool.
IBM i message interface to message management solutions that allow messages to be sent out via email or SMS.
Select from over 300 different monitoring metrics.
Verify network components are performing correctly and are available.
Monitor IOP and cache battery information.
Monitor aggregated ethernet resource line status.
Monitor communication performance and status.
Monitor journal status, journal receiver size, and output queue status.
Compare PTFs between systems and highlight differences.
Use built-in current threshold list to only display trouble items.
Organize monitoring information in layers to drill down or view only the top layer.
Use drag-and-drop technology to build and rearrange the graphical user interface (GUI).
Employ multi-system and all-system views.
Enable mobile-friendly, browser-based visibility into metrics that you require and see current threshold exceptions.
SUPPORT SERVICES Others Robot Monitor
Access complete online help for easy reference.
Work with a designated support consultant.
Call for live support during business hours.
Take advantage of 24/7 after-hours support.
Download software updates for new features and fixes.
Receive online technical alerts.
Use product setup and upgrade assistance.
Increase your knowledge with product certification testing.
Attend industry and product webinars.
Get discounts on classes and event fees.
Read white papers, case studies, how-to documents, and other helpful resources.



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