Robot Monitor

Performance and Application Monitoring Software

Real-time monitoring across your Power Systems servers

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

Robot Monitor is the most comprehensive, in-depth monitoring solution available for Power Systems environments running IBM i alone or alongside VIOS, AIX, or Linux on Power. Industry-leading technology gives you the highest degree of monitoring for your critical IT infrastructure.

Maximum Uptime

By monitoring the performance of your Power servers in real time—including system status, disk, network, availability, application data, and JDBC/ODBC activity—you and your team can proactively respond to issues before they impact user productivity or resources.

Modern Dashboards

Highly customizable, modern dashboards provide visibility into all your metrics, elements, and status conditions so you don’t miss a thing. See all your data from a single, central interface to avoid downtime and optimize performance. Not watching the dashboard? Robot Monitor can send out notification when things go wrong.


Key Application and Performance Monitoring Features

Supported Platforms: IBM i; AIX on Power; Linux on Power; VIOS

See system and application performance in a central view

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Get centralized visibility and control of your IBM i environment from a single graphical interface. Display any combination of system metrics, status conditions, and workloads. Customize your view to display what’s important to your unique needs.

Monitor Virtually Anything

Cover your critical infrastructure with confidence. If you need a deep, comprehensive view of the health of your Power server running IBM i, Robot Monitor delivers real-time performance data on:

Jobs, jobqs, outq, and subsystems

System configuration

JDBC/ODBC/SQL performance

Disk storage utilization

Communication performance

Virtual I/O Server (VIOS)

Memory, temp storage, and QTEMP

Journal status and size

Business-critical applications, including Robot HA, PowerHA, MIMIX, BRMS, and IBM MQ

AIX and Linux on Power

Seamless Integration with Robot Solutions

You can combine the power of Robot Monitor with other Robot software solutions for a more powerful, comprehensive IT operations management and infrastructure monitoring strategy.

Robot Monitor integrates with the following solutions: 

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Learn how Robot Monitor helps you take a proactive approach to system threats by resolving problems before they impact performance and productivity. Request a live demonstration and we’ll show you. 


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