Getting Started with Robot Monitor

Fast-track your ROI with these Getting Started services for Robot Monitor


To start off on the right foot with your new software investment, we recommend that you take advantage of our Getting Started services package, which includes approximately eight hours of pre-installation planning, product installation, initial implementation, and basic training services. Additional services are also available for continued implementation assistance.


Pre-Installation Planning Discussion

Before installation and implementation can begin, our consultants will help you:

Review installation requirements for Windows and IBM i

Determine how many systems/partitions will be monitored

Determine which system/partition will be the Central System for Robot Monitor

Determine your priority monitoring and threshold objectives

Determine who should be notified of critical thresholds

Review Fortra software that automatically integrates

Identify one user-defined element requirement

Product Installation and Initial Implementation

After the pre-installation planning discussion is complete, our consultants will help you:

Ensure Robot Monitor is successfully installed

Verify collection jobs are configured

Review configuration backup best practices

Review housekeeping best practices for historical data

Verify that product startup commands will be added to after IPL restart procedures

Assist with basic software configuration on host and remote systems, including monitoring and threshold notification

Configure one user-defined element if needed

Basic Training

As part of your initial implementation assistance, our consultants will equip you with essential product knowledge, including:

How to work with PC GUI operations screens and dashboards

How to define performance and availability monitors and thresholds

How to work with built-in elements

How to work with groups and group hierarchy

How to view detailed monitor history

How to perform green screen disk space analysis

How to use the report generator for automated reports

How to configure user-defined elements

We decided to use some Fortra services, such as on-site implementation and training, to smooth the transition. We had a Fortra Training and Services Consultant come on-site and in just three days he got us going, and we were productive almost immediately.

Paul Ballew, Sr. Vice President and IT Manager, Data Processing Incorporated

Additional Services

Additional implementation services may be requested for the following:

  • Doing more with built-in elements
  • Configuring user-defined elements that are not included with the built-in elements, such as monitors for specific communication lines, the status of selected subsystems, and response time for particular groups of users
  • Monitoring the integrated file system (IFS)
  • Performing job accounting
  • And more!

Let's Get Started

When you’re short on time or expertise, our consultants can assist with software installation, configuration, customization, and more to make sure your project is done right.