Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i

User Profile Management Software for IBM i

Centralized, automated administration of user profiles

Simplify User Profile Management

Giving users the rights they need (and limiting access they don’t need) is a critical piece of maintaining IBM i security. Reduce the tedium involved in creating and updating user profiles with an automated, easy-to-use solution.

Onboard New Users with Ease

When you have new employees or existing employees changing roles in your organization, you can create new user profiles with the exact settings they’ll need based on that employee’s department and title—no need to start from scratch.

Maintain Consistency

Ensure employees in the same roles receive identical authorities, system permissions, and partition access required to do their job. Templates provide consistency in user profile settings across the board.


Key Features

Centralized management

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Change profile settings and update profile templates on multiple systems without actually having to sign on to each system. Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i’s central administration menu allows you to create or change user profiles across systems.

Managing Privileged Users

Get greater control over user authorities with Authority Broker

Providing IBM i users with the right level of system access—and no more—prevents them from performing tasks beyond their job responsibilities. Appropriate user access also reduces opportunities for accidental errors or other serious issues. Tackling the complications of user profile management with Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i allows administrators to automate and centralize their profile updates for greater efficiency and security.

Pair Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i profile management software with Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i for greater control over user access. Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i helps you control who has elevated access privileges and track what they are doing with that access. The software records everything a system user does while they have elevated authorities in order to protect sensitive data and prevent abuse of privileges by users. Learn more >



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Manage user profiles across multiple systems in a single location for easier, more secure user provisioning. See what Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i has to offer by requesting a demo.


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