Security Mutual Life Insurance Company Reports on Accurate Data with Sequel Data Access


Security Mutual Life Insurance Company is one of the leading mutual life insurance companies in the United States. Accessing, analyzing, and reporting on data is critical to their business success.

But getting the data they needed wasn’t so easy.


Accessing Data Used to Require Manual Programming

Accessing data across their systems and databases—like Genelco LSP—was a challenge. They had to use SQL/400 and write RPG programs to get the data—which took way too much time.

And just getting the data wasn’t enough. Management teams wanted reports at the drop of a hat. And they just couldn’t create them fast enough.

There had to be a better way.


Reporting on Data is Easier Today

Security Mutual Life chose Sequel Data Access for their data reporting needs.

David Lunzman, a Senior Software Developer, had previously worked with Sequel. And he knew just how easy reporting could be if Security Mutual Life made the switch.

I had used Sequel for several years at my previous employer. Naturally, when I came to Security Mutual I recommended we purchase Sequel.

David Lunzman, Senior Software Developer, Security Mutual Life


Today they can:

  • Extract data from Genelco LSP application database easily
  • Provide reports packed with operating statistics for upper management quickly
  • View anything in a browser—and export it to Microsoft Excel

Upper management can then drill into greater detail. For instance, they can look at a summary report by agent and pick an agent to drill into for further details.

They really like the versatility of Sequel.

David Lunzman, Senior Software Developer, Security Mutual Life


Adding Automation Makes Them More Productive

It used to require a lot of effort to gather and verify data. Today, it’s automatic—thanks to Sequel.

“We often use Sequel’s conditional processing, string handling, and date manipulation capabilities when we extract data. Date conversion has also been very helpful. We store our dates as packed fields. Sequel lets us convert them to date data types and show the number of days between dates. Sequel’s UNIQUE KEY function lets us remove duplicate records. We also have quite a few reports going into IBM’s On Demand.”

—David Lunzman, Senior Software Developer, Security Mutual

Reports can be automatically delivered—and so can Excel files. And if a last-minute report request pops up, they can create and deliver a report within five minutes.

Sequel Data Access has also been a huge productivity booster for programmers. By combining Sequel and RPG, they can easily develop applications on IBM i. And since Sequel is command driven, it’s easy to invoke a CL program.

Sequel is great. I have only good things to say about it.

David Lunzman, Senior Software Developer, Security Mutual Life

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