Sequel Makes Data Reporting Fast and Easy for Multinational Healthcare Organization

Secure data reports and privacy protections made Sequel the smart choice


Making data accessible and ensuring data privacy are essential in today’s healthcare market. But one multinational healthcare organization had a problem: inefficient processes slowed them down. Employees around the organization were left waiting for reports on vital data like admissions, discharges, and bills and collections.

It was time to make data accessible for those who need it—and find a secure way to do it. This healthcare organization found it with Sequel Data Access.

Data Reports—Without the Learning Curve

Green screens and manually coded RPG reports made it difficult for this healthcare organization to train staff to access data in their MEDHOST database. On top of that, they didn’t have in-house RPG programmers, so reports were frequently outsourced. As a result, getting IBM i data reports was a difficult and expensive endeavor.

This healthcare organization saved time in data reporting with Sequel. Regular reports include flash (state of the hospital), intake/admissions, accounts receivable, and general ledger. Previously, producing the same report for 100 different facilities involved 100 separate queries. With Sequel, IT staff only need to create one query to run the same report for 100 different facilities. This ensures consistency across the organization.

Today, reports are readily available to employees via a browser interface. It’s easy for anyone to locate the information they need. Plus, this healthcare organization saves money by avoiding outsourced data reporting.

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It takes a lot less time to write a new report or expand an existing one in Sequel than it did in RPG.

IT Leader, Healthcare Organization


One Click to Get Data in Microsoft Excel

Business users at this healthcare organization wanted the ability to get IBM i data in Microsoft Excel. This was a difficult endeavor in the days of RPG reports.

Today, Sequel makes it simple. All it takes is one click for business users to download data to Microsoft Excel or to deliver data in an Excel spreadsheet.

The ability to export a view to Excel is probably everybody's favorite feature. I hear more about that than anything else. It empowers users, without us having to write new queries.

IT Leader, Healthcare Organization


Privacy Protected

Making data accessible was key, but protecting information was paramount.

With Sequel, this healthcare organization can rest assured that data privacy is protected. Employees can only access data reports they are authorized to see. Even when they are using a browser, Sequel security ensures that users only see the information they are authorized to see. As a result, Sequel makes it easy to protect patient privacy, which is often crucial to healthcare organizations who need to comply with HIPAA.

Now that this healthcare organization has Sequel, data reporting on IBM i is quick, easy, and secure. Instead of spending their time and resources understanding RPG or learning to create queries, they can focus on providing world-class healthcare.

Speed Up Data Reporting with Sequel

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