Powertech Antivirus

Native Virus Protection Software for IBM Systems (Linux, AIX, IBM i) and Solaris

Powertech Antivirus is the only commercially available server-level antivirus solution providing native scanning for IBM systems including IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power, Linux on System Z, Intel X86/X64, LinuxONE, as well as Solaris. With one of the most comprehensive sets of virus signatures available on any platform, Powertech Antivirus keeps up to date by automatically updating the malware definitions.  

Leading Scanning Technology

With Powertech Antivirus, you can take control of and eliminate potential threats, including:  

  • Ransomware and trojans 
  • Macro and script viruses  
  • Encrypted and polymorphic viruses  
  • Unknown viruses and suspicious files  
  • Zero-day threats 
  • Viruses within compressed, packed, and embedded objects 

Stay Ahead of New Threats

Powertech Antivirus protects you from new forms of viruses and other malware threats that occur each day. Powertech Antivirus includes enhanced generic unpacking capabilities for a vast range of compression and container formats, allowing it to detect malware in a wide range of files that attackers use to hide malware.  

Enterprise Scanning Technology

Leverage the power and protection of a top-of-the-line commercial scan engine while supporting the specific features of your operating system. Powertech Antivirus protects your servers from a comprehensive set of viruses, zero-day threats, ransomware, and more. You can be confident that your scan engine is backed by proven technology.  

Automatic Updating and Scanning

Simplify your virus protection through automation. Powertech Antivirus automatically updates new signatures for signature-based detection and updates detection patterns and detection algorithms for heuristic detection. In this way you can scan for and protect against current malware threats.  

On-Demand or Real-Time Scanning Options

With Powertech Antivirus, you can choose to scan files dynamically as they are accessed by users and processed on the system as well as schedule your scans outside of normal business hours to save processing power. Powertech Antivirus works with IBM, Fortra, and third-party scheduling solutions, so you can control which directories to scan and when to scan them. Numerous performance tuning options offer additional flexibility to tailor scanning to your organization’s needs.  

Real-Time Ransomware Detection and Blocking

On IBM i systems, Powertech Antivirus provides behavior-based ransomware detection and blocking. Powertech Antivirus protects you against an increasingly common scenario in which ransomware infects non-IBM i systems, then encrypts files that are accessible through IBM i file shares. This can damage files in any file system shared through NetServer, whether they are customer-provided files, internal documents, or operating system objects. 

Visualize and Centralize Your Security

Using the optional Powertech Antivirus Server component, you can centrally manage and configure Powertech Antivirus software across your IT organization. (Powertech Antivirus Server system requirements can be found here.) You can easily find the status of every endpoint in your infrastructure and read details on any warnings or critical issues that have been reported and may require further action. You can also identify the number of endpoints at each status level, along with the ability to sort, search, and filter as needed. 

Threat Alerts and Seamless Integration

Keep informed of potential threats. Get real-time status updates using a centralized dashboard. Powertech Antivirus can also integrate with automated monitoring solutions to set up instant notifications and automatic analysis. Managed detection and response solutions like Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR and Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i can receive data from Powertech Antivirus via syslog, allowing you to monitor and correlate events from other data sources for further insight and analysis.  


Supported operating systems: 


Powertech Antivirus can be run independently on each endpoint or it can be centrally managed.  

Key Features: 

  • Native scanning for IBM i, AIX, Linux x86, LinuxONE, Linux on IBM Z, PowerLinux, and Solaris systems  
  • Advanced detection, cleaning, and quarantining  
  • Object integrity scanning  
  • Advanced heuristic analysis  
  • Scalable multi-threaded daemon  
  • On-demand or scheduled scans  
  • Scanning SMTP mail sent from the server 
  • Partition scanning  
  • Automatic DAT file downloads  
  • Alert enabled  
  • Syslog integration  

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