Powertech Antivirus for IBM i

Native Protection for IBM i

Powertech Antivirus for IBM i offers the power and protection of the Trellix (McAfee) scan engine, while supporting the integrated scan features of your IBM i. Recursive links, system values, and file-level scan settings are natural ground for the deep OS integration of Powertech Antivirus.

Powertech Antivirus protects your IBM i data from viruses, ransomware, worms, and other malware threats. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your scan engine is backed by enterprise-level technology, advanced heuristic analysis, and generic detection and cleaning.

Robust Malware Protection

With Powertech Antivirus powered by Trellix, you can take control of and eliminate potential threats like:

  • Encrypted and polymorphic viruses
  • Microsoft Office macro and script viruses
  • Unknown viruses and suspicious files
  • Zero-day malware
  • Trojans and worms
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses within compressed, packed, and OLE files

New Threats

By keeping virus definitions up-to-date automatically, Powertech Antivirus protects you from the hundreds of thousands of new malware variants released each week. Powertech Antivirus also includes Powerful decompression for a wide variety of compression formats, allowing it to dig deep into a wide range of files where viruses could hide.

State-of-the-Art Ransomware Protection

Powertech Antivirus uses state-of-the-art hybrid signatureless detection for optimal protection from ransomware. Its behavior-based detection allows it to detect ransomware that did not even exist when it was released. Powertech Antivirus uses an access pattern-based approach, which means new ransomware can be detected without frequent updates.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Even when viruses are too new to be defined, Powertech Antivirus keeps you one step ahead. The Trellix scan engine uses advanced heuristic analysis to help you catch unknown malware before damage occurs.

Heuristic analysis complements and extends the signature-based detection mechanism. Where signature-based code looks for known byte sequences in files, heuristic analysis analyzes files based on the type of actions that they would perform.

With Powertech Antivirus on your side, you’ll detect and clean new viruses and variants before the experts even identify them.

Object Integrity Scanning

Tampered objects can seriously harm the OS or bypass all security entirely. Unique to IBM i and not found in any other product today, Powertech Antivirus uses object integrity scanning to detect changed objects and manipulated programs.

Real-Time vs. On-Demand Protection

With Powertech Antivirus, you can choose to scan files dynamically as they are opened or schedule your scans outside of normal business hours to save processing power.

Powertech Antivirus works with IBM i’s built-in job scheduler or any commercial job scheduling solution—you decide which directories to scan and when to scan them.

AIX, Solaris, Linux, LinuxONE, and IBM Z Scanning

Don’t waste time and money installing multiple, stand-alone antivirus applications on each partition. Powertech Antivirus ensures that all of your IBM i, Linux, and AIX partitions are free of viruses, ransomware, worms, and other malware.

Staff Alerts

Keep yourself and your staff informed of potential threats at all times. Powertech Antivirus can log a message onto an IBM i message queue, report into job logs, or integrate with automated monitoring solutions to allow instant notifications when threats are detected.

Compliance Reporting

Many security mandates, such as PCI DSS or SWIFT CSCF, encourage or even require malware scanning and integrity checks for operating system objects. Powertech Antivirus helps you meet compliance requirements by plugging the "IBM i" gap in your malware protection. Powertech Antivirus can also create reports on anything an auditor would ask for, including directories scanned, infections found, and cleaning/ quarantining activity.

Cyber Insurance

Additionally, customers of Powertech’s server-level malware protection are greatly reducing the risk of malware infecting their systems and therefore limiting the potential for financial damages stemming from these disastrous attacks. This makes Powertech customers more attractive applicants for cyber insurance policies and could even lower premiums.



  • Native scanning for IBM Power Systems
  • Enhanced ransomware protection
  • Object integrity scanning
  • Advanced heuristic analysis
  • Generic detection and cleaning
  • Scheduled scans
  • Automatic virus definition updates
  • Reporting


  • IBM i 7.3 or higher
  • 5722SS1/5761SS1/5770SS1 option 30 (Qshell)
  • 5722SS1/5761SS1/5770SS1 option 33 (PASE)
  • 5722JV1/5761JV1 (Java)
  • Wget


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