Robot Reports


Your Solution for Organizing IBM i Spooled Files

Managing report output can be one of the most costly and labor-intensive areas of your IBM i operations. Robot Reports provides an easy report viewing experience with robust capabilities so you can take on all your report management tasks with confidence—reducing costs, headaches, and resources every day.

Go ahead, manage reports from your workstation, tablet, laptop, or anywhere you can get a web browser. With the functionality of a spreadsheet, you can freeze page headings, highlight report information in color, and even reformat reports and restrict access as needed.

Ample Automation and Distribution Options

From bursting reports to segmenting and restricting, Robot Reports gives you plenty of time-saving options. If you’ve ever had difficulty sorting, delivering, or losing reports, Robot Reports is perfect for you because it automatically bundles all reports (including segments) into a recipient packet and generates a packet cover sheet with an index.

With Robot Reports, you have the freedom to burst and segment reports as needed, vary the format (HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.), and send just the crucial information to whoever needs it most. That means happy end users across your organization!

Easy to Search, Access, and Customize

Paper costs are more than meets the eye: supplies and maintenance, floor space, cabinets for storage, and recycling disposal. Combine that with the human labor of operators to sort, collate, deliver, and often rerun reports—it all adds up.

Robot Reports lets you browse reports with ease from anywhere via a web browser. You can build indexes over dates, invoice numbers, or geographic locations to customize searches for end users. You can even reformat the views and create relevant rules to analyze and evaluate the information as you see fit.

All Sorts of Output Options

Robot Reports keeps reports organized, makes reruns a snap, and eliminates user bursting and sorting duties. Automation drives efficiency, so you can reallocate your time and resources to more valuable projects. Print, bundle, archive, specify per recipient, distribute online, send report notifications, attach reports via email, text, or cell phone—it’s all in your control.

Archive Smarter Audits, Your Way

Today’s compliance and regulatory issues demand that you properly archive. Robot Reports offers both short-term and long-term storage needs that make it easier to access, track, and recall your reports—which in turn makes internal IT and regulatory auditors happy.

Have a different archive strategy for each report? No problem. Just tell Robot Reports how many days you want the report to be in each archive stage. Plus, you can store reports online, on a drive ortape, and use the Archive History to monitor the status.

Bring Order to Complex Report Processing

To help automate the operation of your IBM i, Fortra originated a macro language: OPerator Assistance Language (OPAL). Because OPAL procedures are easy to write, most report processing procedures take only a few lines of code. No matter what type of report processing you need to perform—from simple to sophisticated—OPAL provides the solutions.


  • Automate report distribution
  • Organize spooled files for end users
  • Archive reports on and off the system
  • Secure data by allowing access only to select users
  • Present reports on a browserbased interface
  • Download report data to spreadsheets
  • Convert spooled files to HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.


IBM i 7.2 or higher


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