Robot Schedule

Job Scheduling Software for IBM i

Industrial-strength job scheduling across your IBM i-centric enterprise

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Job Scheduling Software

Every data center manager wants their IT team to be efficient, meet service-level agreements, and avoid processing errors. Automated job scheduling and batch job management frees you and your operators to be more productive. And Robot Schedule is the starting point for any automation project requiring IBM i.

Let Workload Automation Simplify Processes

Robot Schedule’s workload automation capabilities allow users to automate everything from simple jobs to complex, event-driven processes on multiple platforms and centralize management from your most reliable system: IBM i. Just create a calendar of when and how jobs should run, and the software will do the rest.

Trust That Everything Will Run Right

Your operators have enough tasks on their plates to worry about babysitting scheduled jobs in order to ensure they run on time and in the right order. You and your team can rely on Robot Schedule to provide powerful workload automation for a smoother, error-free job schedule.


Key Job Scheduling Software Features

System Requirements: IBM i 7.2 or higher

Reliable, flexible job scheduling

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Whether you’re running daily batch processing or month-end jobs, Robot job scheduling software will ensure these processes run on time, in the right order, and according to pre-set schedules. Choose from more than 25 scheduling parameters, like day of the week or according to the fiscal year or office schedule.


"We use it to schedule all recurring jobs on our IBM i systems—except if they require QSECOFR authority level. It saves a lot of time in job set-ups, and also job tracking. It's been an integral part of our production environment for (literally) decades."

— Bruce K., Director of IT Operations & Global Web Acquisition

Enterprise Scheduling Across Platforms

Do your nightly processes need to integrate with non-IBM i servers? Is IBM i data a prerequisite for your batch processes to run on AIX/UNIX, Windows, or Linux servers? Robot Schedule Enterprise can help you integrate all of your operating systems.

Centralize and control your Windows, AIX/UNIX, and Linux processes from your most reliable platform (your IBM i) to help streamline your enterprise job scheduling. When you pair Robot Schedule Enterprise with Robot Schedule, you can schedule jobs across platforms and allow dependencies between data center platforms—all from a single, modern graphical interface.

With the cross-platform job scheduling abilities of Robot Schedule Enterprise, you can monitor essential services and daemons, schedule batch jobs across your enterprise (SSI packages, scripts, and BAT files, for example), monitor file arrival and directory creation or modification, provide event-driven scheduling across different platforms, monitor for return codes from your scripts to determine job success or failure, capture output from agent systems for troubleshooting, verify availability of the server, and control the user and working directory on the server.

job scheduling software for ibm I, aix, windows and linux

Workload Automation for Interactive Processes


workload automation with robot schedule

When it comes to interactive job management, you have three options:

  1. Continue to manually repeat your current interactive processes
  2. Make the investment to rewrite your code
  3. Leverage workload automation to automate interactive processes

Together with Robot Schedule, Robot Replay enables you automate the entire operation of your IBM i—and there’s no need to rebuild your job schedule to accommodate interactive jobs.

Robot Schedule works with Robot Replay to automate the un-automatable. Robot Replay records screen images and information as you enter it on the screen, stores it as an object, and mimics the very same screens and keystrokes later by memory. Your automated processes can now run safely, quickly, and on time, saving you the time, money, and effort required to rewrite interactive processes.

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