Security Scan for IBM i


It's time to see how secure your system really is.

Compliance with government and industry regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, is a fact of business life. With regulation comes accountability, audits, and auditors. Even without a specific regulatory mandate, an internal security policy is critical in today’s threat landscape. A data breach could interrupt business operations and result in millions of dollars in lost revenue—even where no regulatory requirements apply.

Organizations around the world are tightening the controls for configuration and use of their critical business servers. You need an easy, quick way to determine the real state of your “secured” IBM i servers (System i,® iSeries,®AS/400®) and knowledgeable guidance about how to correct problems.

Free Security Scan

Security Scan for IBM i is a free service centered on Fortra's expertise with the IBM i platform and its unique security concerns. Our experienced Security Advisers will perform your Security Scan using a free, non-intrusive tool to audit common security metrics, such as user profile configuration and public authorities, on IBM i. The scan runs from a network-attached PC and does not modify any system settings. Your Security Adviser will explain the results and answer all of your questions.

In just a few minutes, you’ll see how vulnerable your sensitive data may be. You’ll find out whether your system is protected from virus threats and determine the strength of your user security and password settings.

Fortra’s latest State of IBM i Security Study showed that virtually every user on every system has access to data far beyond their demonstrated need without any accountability. And, 30 percent of systems have more than 100 profiles with default passwords (where password = username), offering unsecured access. These deficiencies could result in a costly security breach.

Quick—The scan takes just 10 minutes to run

Simple—The scan runs from a PC, no outside access required

Clear—The scan results display in a browser-based application

Thorough—A Security Advisor helps you clearly understand your current state of security


“Very eye-opening. I thought the system was secured, but Security Scan showed me the system is wide open to security breaches."

—Security Scan Participant


The Security Scan Process

A Fortra Security Advisor will help you install and execute the software. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to gather information about your system. The advisor will provide an in-depth review of the results, helping you understand both the current state of security on your IBM i server and recommendations for corrective action. You can also print the findings for distribution or for your records.

After the Scan

You can use the scan software to run and view any number of scans during a seven-day period, as long as the tool is installed on the PC. When you no longer need the software, simply remove it from your PC using the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs interface.

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