IBM i Automation on IBM Power Systems Servers

Automation for IBM i frees your team from manual work and avoids errors caused by manual execution. Learn about examples of tasks and processes that you can automate on IBM Power servers running IBM i.


Does your IBM i specialist or operator (AS/400, iSeries, or Power Systems) spend too much time performing manual and repetitive tasks such as data loading, user provisioning, blogging, completing checklists, or monitoring through multiple screens?

Automating tasks and processes on IBM i can relieve your team of this burden, so you can focus on higher business-value tasks and avoid errors caused by manual execution.


More benefits of automating your IBM i

Enable IT managers to reassign IBM i expertise to more valuable and motivating projects

Improve efficiency by optimizing execution times and eliminating errors caused by manual operation

Maximize the performance of your Power Systems servers by eliminating downtime

Help with data security and regulatory compliance by automating confidential data operations and preventing employees from accessing them

With many IBM i specialists nearing retirement age and newer staff starting to work on IBM i, automation can help make the transition smooth and easy

Automating tasks and processes is one way to modernize your IBM i, as recommended by IBM i experts. And it’s simpler and more cost-effective than you might think.



Examples of automation on IBM i

Here are a few concrete examples of tasks and processes that you can automate on IBM i to achieve results and ROI quickly:

Planning cross-platform processes with interdependencies (job scheduling)

Planning cross-platform processes with interdependencies (job scheduling)


Automating the planning of complex processes ensures that your jobs will always be executed on time, without errors, and in the correct order.

Plan workflows based on simple conditions (such as dates and times) and situations with more complex prerequisites (such as having received a certain file, whether a server is on, and that it is later than 10 a.m.).

If your processes include components that run outside of IBM i, don't worry. Our automation solutions can help you schedule across all operating systems.

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Learn how to automate your IBM i

Do you need to automate a process on your Power Systems server running IBM i? Get in touch with one of our IBM i automation experts to discuss your specific case free of charge and without obligation.

Fortra automation solutions


Fortra software solutions solve all your IT and business automation needs: from repetitive administrative tasks to complex and mission-critical operations for your company, both on IBM i and all operating systems.

The intuitive, web-based interface and ease-of-use of our products means that users can create their own automation rules very quickly, regardless of their level of technical knowledge. Best of all, you can start automating slowly and scale your automation as your business needs it, always ensuring a quick return on investment. Plus, our products were developed with safety in mind, so you can rest assured that automated processes will pass audits and comply with regulations.

We know that your environment is complex and diverse—with a variety of users, regions, applications, and operating systems to manage. If you want to simplify, save money, reduce operational errors, and save your team time, automation is the solution. And Fortra is the leading provider of software for exceptional automation.

Request a meeting with our automation experts to discuss your particular environment and determine how automation can add real value to your business.

Fortra, your IBM i experts


Our products for IBM i are designed and developed with operators in mind, and their modern interfaces and world-class functionality allow even teams with little IBM i experience to manage the system by exception, freeing up their time to focus on IT initiatives that add more value.

Fortra has a strategic R&D alliance with IBM. Our team includes experienced IBM i professionals who have been recognized as IBM Champions who know Power Systems servers very well. Every day, we help hundreds of users around the world to automate and protect their Power Systems servers.

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