Document Management by Department

Improve the way your department manages documents.

Every department deals with documents. Minute by minute, papers enter, circulate, and leave your office. Documents and reports are being generated in real time by your back-end systems. With an ever-increasing rate of papers and files filling your inbox (both physical and electronic), what kind of processes is your department enforcing to manage all those documents? And are they working? 


Digital document management solutions help make life easier for the people who manage documents every day. The ability to capture, manage, and deliver documents electronically saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces error for busy professionals.

Starting with one department helps companies take a step in the right direction if you’re ready to reduce your reliance on paper but not sure where to start. Often, the best place to begin is the department most overwhelmed by its paper processes.

Any department can benefit from an electronic document management system. Typical starting departments include:

Accounting (AP and AR)


Businesses rely on their accounting departments to manage outgoing customer invoices, pay incoming invoices, and keep accurate records of it all. Using paper for these processes is generally expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. Additionally, your accounts payable and accounts receivable teams often follow complex, cumbersome workflows for developing, routing, and approving documents, which usually just waste paper, risk human error, and slow things down.

With a digital solution, overseeing accounting documentation becomes simple. From purchase orders (POs) to invoices to enterprise resources planning (ERP) content, document management for accounts payable and receivable becomes effortless with the ability to:

  • Build electronic PO forms into the approval process
  • Capture signatures digitally and apply them to forms
  • Review invoices, match POs, and check for variances and GL code from one interface
  • Automatically capture and index files securely
  • Quickly locate any PO or other important document
  • Route documents digitally for approval and track their status

Human Resources


No one knows the woes of continuous paperwork more than the busy HR professional. From payroll and insurance forms to timecards and time-off requests, HR constantly deals with an influx of paper-based forms that have to be routed department to department for approval.

Spend more time recruiting top talent and less time up to your elbows in paperwork. Digital solutions make HR document management easier by providing HR with the ability to:        

  • Create customizable digital forms
  • Save, manage, and route documents easily
  • Index documents in an intuitive, easy-to-find system
  • Digitally apply signature to business forms
  • Enforce version control and protect confidential information

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Paper is a fact of business, but it doesn’t have to be a continual burden. Find out how to improve your workflows and eliminate the day-to-day paper shuffle at your company with digital document management solutions.