Automate for Webdocs

Using Automate with Webdocs allows your organization to streamline your workflows and truly abandon paper. Automate document check-in, form fill, workflow, user creation, and more by integrating Webdocs and Automate.

Retrieve Documents

Set up tasks to automatically retrieve your documents from online portals, email inboxes, network folders, FTP sites, and other locations. Automate can be set up to log into your online portal and retrieve purchase orders, download PDFs attached to emails, or pull documents loaded on an FTP site, then start putting them through your workflows.

Simplify Onboarding Processes

Human Resources departments can manage hiring and onboarding documents with Automate's User Provisioning solution. With Webdocs Forms Management employee onboarding forms can be filled out electronically. Then Webdocs Forms Management can trigger Automate to perform user provisioning tasks.

Route Documents

Set up Automate and Webdocs with Webdocs REST Web Services. Process documents with Automate, then send them into Webdocs for storage and workflow using Web Actions via Automate.

Create User Profiles

By integrating with Webdocs Forms Management, Automate can take a form filled out online and generate a user profile without any intervention. Just set up Automate to pull user info from active directory groups then populate the Webdocs tables with user info to create a user account.

Automate Repeatable Tasks

Just like a macro to automate small tasks within your software, automate on a larger scale to solve business problems. Your employees can give up rote, repetitive tasks and get back to the tasks that require human intervention.



  • Monitor network locations, FTP sites, websites, email inboxes, and other locations for automatic check-in
  • Extract data from images using OCR and send documents to your storage in Webdocs
  • Use Web Actions via Automate to download and process documents from online portals
  • Push, pull, and distribute documents with Webdocs REST Web Services


  • Windows
  • IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)