Webdocs Forms Management

Web-Based Forms Capture Software

Transition to Web-Based Forms for Your Key Business Processes

Capture every last bit of information directly into your systems using electronic fillable forms. 

Expense Reports

Simplify expense reporting with fillable forms that trigger workflows. Collect information and supporting documentation in one place. Click below to try it in action.

Employee Onboarding

Speed up processes for Human Resources and get data into your systems more easily with onboarding workflows. Try out the example form by clicking below.

How Webdocs Forms Management Works

Web-based forms capture software

Build & Deploy

Our web-based, citizen developer interface allows you to drag and drop elements on forms and configure without any programming. Create electronic versions of any form—from purchase orders to work orders to HR onboarding documents. Require certain fields on your forms to ensure necessary information is entered, and even add a drop-down menu option to a field to standardize the answers. Then you can deploy the forms to any device with no extra effort, so users can fill them out on their mobile devices or computers.

Manage Data and Workflows

Validate data and fields as forms are filled out so mistakes can be fixed immediately. Once your form, survey, or other document data is captured electronically, it’s passed directly to back-end systems, letting you rest assured it’s entered accurately. Speed up and enforce approval and routing processes with built-in workflows to manage how the forms are being filled out, and who is filling them out, to help aide you in your regulatory and compliance efforts. Forms can also have embedded electronic wet or PIN-based signature capture.

Data Integration

Webdocs Forms Management can sync with your existing business systems and databases. Fields, lists, and menus can be pre-populated with information from IBM i, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and business systems, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and line-of-business (LOB). When you sync data across your systems, you'll spend less time entering information and eliminate data entry errors.

Secure Storage

Keep your confidential documents secure by setting permissions for specific employees in your organization with different user rights to author, revise, view, route, or delete documents. With version and audit control, prevent unwanted changes from being made to your documents. And ensure stress-free compliance and retention with automatic archiving and versioning.

Our sales and service people go to customers’ plants frequently. Now, they can be at a customer location, get on the Internet and pop up the information they need. Using any browser, all you need is a password to get at the information. It’s just awesome.

Gene Bendall, Senior Business Analyst, Wise Alloys

How Can Webdocs Forms Management Help My Business?

Webdocs Forms Management software helps you to create forms easily and quickly, so you can collect the information you need. 

Learn how to create forms in minutes in this video, and you'll be able to start capturing data the way your business needs it.


Leave Your Old Forms Behind

See for yourself how Webdocs Forms Management speeds up data capture and integrates with your back-end systems. Try Webdocs Forms Management free for 30 days in our self-guided trial.