IBM i in 2024: From AS400 to AI

True or False: The IBM i operating system is just the AS/400 all over again. False! The AS/400 provided a solid foundation, but it has evolved over the years into the entirely new technology that we call IBM i.

The 2024 chapter in our journey from AS/400 to IBM i includes new ways to get IBM i, new Technology Refreshes, new customers, and new cutting-edge technology – including artificial intelligence.

Join IBM i CTO & Chief Architect/IBM Distinguished Engineer Steve Will and IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington on July 18th to hear their unique perspective on the direction of this platform. They will discuss:

  • IBM’s technology and business strategies for IBM i
  • How IBM i tools help you modernize
  • Key takeaways from the AS/400 days
  • The role of AI today for IBM i customers

IBM i is unique in design, security, scalability, and application development. Its heritage and strategic innovation point to a bright future for this server that continues to support organizations in every industry around the world.

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Jul 18, 2024
10:00 - 11:30am CDT
90 minutes