Infrastructure Automation

Replace manual monitoring, optimization, data access,
and other critical yet time-consuming processes tying up IT's time

What Is IT Infrastructure Automation?


Infrastructure automation is about replacing manual processes in increasingly complex IT environments. When it comes to hardware, software, operating systems, networking components, and document and data storage across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid IT environments, automation is crucial to maintaining uptime, keeping costs down, and ensuring access to the right data and information at the right time.

Identifying Opportunities for Infrastructure Automation

IT management gets complex, and IT infrastructure automation simplifies by replacing manual monitoring, optimization, data access, and other processes, allowing you to free IT team members from tedious but necessary tasks, like:

Identifying overprovisioning so you can reclaim servers, cloud instances, or virtual machines

Troubleshooting spikes in CPU, disk, or memory that degrade performance and cause downtime

Monitoring, filtering, escalating, and providing a consistent response to messages

Backing up the system or replicating objects in real time

Failing over to and running from a disaster recovery (DR) box during an emergency

Writing queries across multiple data sources and distributing reports to decision makers

Measuring network bandwidth or mapping all of your devices across your ever-changing IT environment

Routing paper documents throughout your organization or manually gathering data from forms and entering it into your ERP

Identifying Your IT Infrastructure Automation Needs

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It’s getting harder for IT to keep up as complexity and risk of downtime increase. Virtualization and application modernization are impacting performance. Preserving historical knowledge of systems and processes gets more difficult as experienced staff exits and new employees take their place. And to top it all off, many tools intended to help are outdated, can’t keep pace with growing business needs, are too expensive, or are difficult to use.

Infrastructure automation solutions exist to simplify and streamline IT processes. Monitoring solutions provide visibility into your networks, systems, and applications to mitigate risk and help with troubleshooting. HA/DR solutions preserve your irreplaceable business data and give you peace of mind that you’ll be ready to recover when disaster strikes. Performance and cost optimization solutions ensure uptime without heavy lifting while helping you slim down IT costs. Business intelligence solutions deliver helpful data where it’s needed. And document management solutions remove paper from processes to streamline document and data delivery.

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