Data Backup Management

Ensure your backups are catching all your critical IBM i data, plus document a disaster recovery plan your auditors will love.


Reduce downtime by automating your backup process, including restricted state saves.


Speed disaster recovery and easily restore data that was damaged or deleted accidentally.


Impress auditors with up-to-date restoration documentation and audit reports.

The Dangers of Manual Data Backup Management


Operators are responsible for establishing sound backup and recovery processes to protect sensitive, irreplaceable business information. Even audited and tested backup strategies may show holes when real disaster strikes. When CIOs start pointing fingers, operators need to show the steps taken to ensure the safety of their systems.

When it comes to backing up your data—your library, your IFS, your operating system fixes, and so on—there are a lot of moving pieces, and it may seem like there’s a save command for everything under the sun. You might be keying in all these commands manually or navigating options in an operating system menu. It’s also possible that you’ve created a CL program to execute save commands. Either way, you have no way to track your success or failure at the object, library, or even directory level.

Just because your save completed normally, it’s not safe to assume that all went as planned. You could have missed entire libraries or you might have locked or damaged objects. If you’re managing your computer backups manually, you wouldn’t know about these problems unless you were regularly reading through your log files, which is another enormous task in itself.

We shudder to even mention this, but it could be that you’re not backing up at all and are instead relying on your high availability (HA) solution to preserve your data in the event of a disaster. Your HA tool alone will not save you! Incremental backups are still essential and are even required by law in some cases.

Why Organizations Need Data Backup Management

Document your iSeries data backup management and recovery procedures for auditors

Without a reliable backup strategy, it’s likely that you won’t be able to recover in a disaster situation such as a full system failure. Perhaps worse, without documentation to prove your strategy was current, effective, and accurately implemented, you put your company and your own job at risk when auditors come knocking. Your recovery procedure needs to be up to date, reflecting any and all changes to your backup procedure, or you could face penalty fees for compliance violations.

Whether it’s a matter of adding an IFS subdirectory into your backup procedure, restoring one or many IFS objects, or automating restricted state saves, a data backup management solution can simplify your save and restore process and introduce a level of security and accountability that you might have thought impossible.

The audit and restoration reports generated by Robot Save make yearly audits go more smoothly. We can simply generate a report and say, ‛here is our backup plan’.

Larry Rude, IT Director, Campbell Hausfeld

Being a Better Steward of Data Backup Management

Make data backup management easier with automated backup and recovery software

You’re responsible for establishing sound backup and recovery processes to protect sensitive, irreplaceable business data. Even audited and tested backup strategies may show holes when real disaster strikes, and when CIOs start pointing fingers, you need to show the steps you took to ensure the safety of their systems.

Data backup management solutions also bring you peace of mind when it comes to recovering lost or missing data. When a clumsy user accidently deletes a single object, library, or directory, a data backup management solution can simplify the restoration process. Similarly, when disaster strikes, data backup management solutions speed system restoration and help you get business back on track sooner.

Simple to Save, Even Easier to Restore

The Robot Save data backup management solution available from Fortra makes your save and restore process simple and protects your unexpired data.

Establish more effective saves

Automatically track your backups, so you can easily see what information was saved, where it was saved, and when.

Simplify the restoration process

Restore a single object, library, directory, part or all of the IFS, or your entire system quickly and securely.

Receive notification of problems

Receive notification of save issues, even during restricted state saves, and report on issues.

Maintain the integrity of your tape volumes

Ensure safer tape-handling practices with automated media management. Built-in encryption protects your data when it’s at its most vulnerable.

Document your recovery plan

Generate a fresh restoration procedure with every backup, so you can prove to auditors that your strategy is current.

An Automated Recovery Plan Auditors Will Love

Boom. Disaster strikes. Now, it’s up to you to find the tape volume that contains the lost data and restore it quickly to the correct location. Luckily, recovering your IBM i data is easy with Robot Save.


Robot Save Solves Data Backup Management Problems

Robot Save is data backup management software for the IBM i operating system. With Robot Save, you can automate system backups, recovery, tape management, and restricted state operations. Whether you lose an object or the entire system, Robot Save helps you restore exactly what you need to get back online fast. Robot Save also integrates with automated physical or virtual tape libraries (VTLs).