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Fortra's Titus

Data Classification, Data Identification, and Security Automation

Fortra's Titus data classification software helps organizations achieve compliance with data privacy laws and sets a solid foundation for the rest of your cybersecurity strategy.

Fortra's Titus Classification Suite

Add rich context to on-prem and cloud data with data classification

Fortra's Titus Illuminate

Scan and analyze unstructured data at rest and apply appropriate identification attributes

Fortra's Titus Identifiers for Privacy

Detect personally identifiable information (PII) at creation in email and files. Powered by Machine Learning

Fortra's Titus Encryption

Combine data classification and encryption into a single flexible data protection solution

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About Fortra's Titus

Fortra's Titus is synonymous with world-class data classification and our solutions are key components of Fortra's robust data security portfolio.

Fortra's Titus solutions are trusted by millions of users around the world, including top military, government, and Fortune 100 organizations. With the addition of data identification and advanced machine learning technologies, Titus has evolved into a global leader in enterprise-grade data protection solutions.


Why Choose Fortra's Titus

We integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems

We protect business critical data, improve data control, and reduce risk

We deliver improved and streamlined business performance

We enable compliance with multiple data protection regulations

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