Cybersecurity Solutions for Financial Services

Cybercriminals go where the money goes. Fortra offers customized solutions to combat ongoing stressors within the financial services sector.


The sheer quantity of sensitive data handled by financial institutions makes them a near-irresistible target for cybercriminals. As a result, financial services is among the most heavily regulated sectors in the world. FinServ organizations today cannot survive without an aggressive cybersecurity strategy customized to meet their industry-specific needs. 



The Benefits of Cybersecurity for Financial Services Organizations

Protect Your Infrastructure

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems with comprehensive, automated security.

Secure Your Data

Understand and secure your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, no matter where it resides or how it’s shared.

Close Your Gaps

Partner with external security experts to spot problems, prioritize risk and block threats.

Compliance Regulations for Financial Services

Stay on top of the latest financial compliance regulations.


Players in the financial sector can lose money to more than just threat actors. Occupying one of the most highly regulated sectors of business, financial services organizations need to stay wary and well-prepared when it comes to industry regulations.

Master Today's Financial Cybersecurity Regulations

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Fortra’s Financial Services Cybersecurity Case Studies

Fortra is on the front lines of securing financial services in cyberspace. Here are a few examples of our commitment. 


Banking services-management firm FPS GOLD was stretching beyond the capacity of its current MFT solution. At 30,000 transfers per week, the system gave out and often lost files in the process. To compensate, the team had to create custom scripts and spend up to an hour locating each error. They needed an MFT solution that could scale seamlessly to their business needs.

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This international banking institution boasts over 500 branches and thousands of employees. For the past 20 years, it has relied on one security company to provide them with the robust email solution they need to manage regional compliance requirements, policy implementation, and encryption.

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With a network environment growing and evolving to further strengthen the longevity of a 73-year-old financial institution, the Broadway Bank Information Technology (IT) department sought a proactive and automated security solution to provide a holistic view of its network infrastructure and endpoints and their respective vulnerabilities.

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Chi-X Australia is a securities and derivatives exchange transforming the Australian investment market through a focus on customers and innovation. The company delivers easy, cost-effective access to local and global investment opportunities. As a result, it needed a scalable, enterprise-level solution to help keep it compliant and secure, while delivering fast results for its customers.

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Secure Financial Services with Fortra

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