Unlimited threats to your security.
One platform for peace of mind.

Fortra™ is a cloud-native, multi-vector cyber defense platform. Purpose-built for the dynamic threat landscape, Fortra improves your team’s efficacy today while providing the foundation for unifying our solutions.
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It Starts with Improving Security Outcomes

That’s why we all do what we do, right? We want to anticipate attacks, secure our organization, and create resiliency. It takes technology to address the known, threat intelligence to predict the unknown, and automation to cover any gaps. Here’s what that looks like.

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Most attacks include phishing, ransomware, and accidental data loss – this is proof that you need broad spectrum defense and a multi-vector approach to cybersecurity. But first, you have to get your security tech stack speaking the same language.


Fortra picks up on telemetry from many different threat vectors and translates them into a single data model, making it possible to perform advanced analysis across your IT estate.


Here’s where the magic happens. On its own, a single event may barely register as a threat. But add multiple events from various sources and stealthy, nefarious patterns emerge. Fortra uses AI to correlate every threat or indicator of compromise across attack paths – improving speed of detection and efficacy within and across your Fortra solutions. We call this Fortra Threat Brain.


Exposing these material risks quickly and accurately allows your team to prioritize their response, contain the blast radius, and reduce the impact of an incident. The outcome is a more resilient and secure organization – made possible by Fortra tech and intel.


And It Leads to More Efficient Operations

Efficiency can’t be understated, and time comes at a premium for security teams. Strategic threat analysis and data-driven decision making is only possible when teams know where to strike. With focused efforts, security teams become a razor-sharp asset for their organization, enabling business agility and innovation.

Simplify Administration

Simplify Administration

Fortra uses a single agent which simplifies deployment, patching, and upgrades, so your security team spends less time doing administration and more time improving security outcomes.

Unify Intelligence

Unify Intelligence

Fortra’s workflows and unified dashboard make it easy for your security analysts to see the big picture and take appropriate remediation actions.


Complete Cybersecurity from Fortra

Fortra offers best-of-breed solutions across the most prevalent threat vectors – including human risk – for a comprehensive cybersecurity package from a single vendor. But there is more to our story. With Fortra, you get:

Cloud-native platform

A cloud-native, multi-vector cyber defense platform

Kill chain prevention

AI-powered cyber kill chain prevention

Intelligence across infrastructure

Intelligence across infrastructure security, offensive security, and data security

Industry experts

Industry-renowned experts driving innovation in security solutions and compliance

Company durability

Company durability and staying power for consistent long-term return on security investments

Relentless focus

Relentless focus on operational simplification by lowering administrative overhead

Featured Fortra Technologies

Fortra solutions are designed to integrate with our own platform as well as your existing tech ecosystem, whether that’s on-premises, SaaS, managed services, or a mix. The breadth of Fortra solutions and deployment models gives you the flexibility to standardize on a single vendor — no matter where you are in your cyber maturity journey — and our collective intelligence across solutions delivers a comprehensive view of your cyber risk landscape. With Fortra as your strategic cybersecurity ally, you are in control of your cybersecurity estate.


Cloud Email Protection

Fortra Cloud Email Protection

Advanced threat protection from an integrated cloud email security platform

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Vulnerability Management

Fortra Vulnerability Management

Proactive, accurate, and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management

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Extended Detection and Response

Fortra Extended Detection and Response

Comprehensive visibility and coverage across endpoints, network, and hybrid environments

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Fortra Threat Brain

Fortra Threat Brain

AI-powered cyber kill chain prevention

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Protected Outcomes

Fortra is making a material difference for the good guys every second of the day. We help our customers by finding cyber risks and mitigating them. We call these protected outcomes. This security landscape dashboard is a depiction, though not actual data, of what’s happening. It reflects representative information available on a typical day or month for the activities Fortra performs for its customers.

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Fortra Security Landscape Dashboard

Praise for Fortra

Unlimited threats to your security. One platform for peace of mind.

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