Native Virus Protection Software for AIX

Protect your AIX environment from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other complex malware with the only commercially available server-level antivirus solution natively built for AIX

Powerful Antivirus for AIX Platforms


Protecting your mission-critical AIX systems from malware, viruses, and ransomware attacks is more critical than ever within the global threat landscape. Powertech Antivirus for AIX provides the only commercially available server-level antivirus solution to protect your business from the threat of malware, viruses, and ransomware attacks.

By identifying, quarantining, and removing malicious programs before any damage can occur, Powertech Antivirus helps ensure your AIX environment is uniquely protected, offering native malware scanning to support the specific requirements of your AIX infrastructure.

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AIX Malware and Virus Protection Software

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Powertech Antivirus Key Features

Native Protection for AIX Servers

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If your antivirus software doesn’t know to look for malicious programs, it won’t find them. A native scanning solution is one that’s designed for your operating system. Because Powertech Antivirus is built for AIX, it avoids scan failures and the security problems caused by non-native solutions.

Advantages of Native AIX Antivirus Software

Virus Protection Built for AIX Avoids Security Concern

To scan AIX for malicious programs using software built for PCs, you need a file share and a work station logged on to the server with privileged access. The data transferred between the work station and the server is unencrypted. This leaves it vulnerable to malicious actors.

Improve AIX System Performance

Using malware scanning that’s not built for your operating system can be slow. Transferring data between AIX and the PC increases the network load. These factors make it difficult to scan your system for viruses and malware on a regular basis, which increases the chances of malware spreading throughout your environment.

Ensure the Reliability and Stability of Malware Scans

PC antivirus software isn’t able to scan every part of the AIX OS. When the non-native program runs across a file structure it doesn’t recognize, the scan can fail and trigger an alert. Responding to these alerts is a time-consuming, manual process. Natively built antivirus for AIX avoids these problems.

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