Guide: Demographics: 2023 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results

Demographics: 2023 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results



This survey represents the viewpoints of IBM i professionals from around the globe across multiple industries and regions. This diverse sampling spans variability in budgets, company size, server size, operating system versions, and experience levels to give a representative and diverse look at the worldwide IBM i market. This year saw an uptick in the number of respondents from Europe, and a slight downturn by 3 points from respondents in the United States. Manufacturing and banking/finance are the top two seats as the main industries of our respondents this year. 

This year was a balance between respondents coming from a smaller organization (less than 500 employees) and those coming from bigger ones (51% vs 49% respectively). In terms of the job titles of respondents, they are mostly IT managers, developers, and administrators, while under the “Other” option you may find titles like account manager, architect, and engineer. 

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