Cybersecurity Solutions for SaaS Providers

Here are the tools that help SaaS providers roll out secure, market-ready applications to their clients — without missing deadlines.



Digital transformation initiatives continue to accelerate, and many organizations have chosen to develop their own applications to remain competitive. Some of these applications are for internal use while others will be brought to market. Regardless of use, these applications need to be developed securely, which puts IT under pressure to keep pace with the business.

Benefits of Cybersecurity for SaaS Providers

Fewer Patches

The more secure your solutions are when they hit the market, the less patching will be required over the next few months. This frees up your team to spend their time on activities that move the needle forward. 

Greater Compliance

Making sure your software development process adheres to data and privacy standards not only helps you avoid compliance fines but increases consumer trust.

Decrease Supply Chain Attacks

Protect yourself from being the victim of software supply chain attacks (particularly from rampant OS vulnerabilities) and prevent your SaaS organization from being the cause of one. Being the cause of a major downstream attack is the wrong reason to make headlines.

Increased Business Opportunities

More and more companies are vetting their third-party technology providers to ensure their partnership does not constitute a security liability. Having a defense-in-depth security strategy inspires professional confidence and leads to more contracts.  

Cyber Resilience

Many victims of successful cyberattacks fail to recover financially, reputationally, or internally. SaaS providers that want to play the long game need to look to the future with cybersecurity measures that will bolster their cyber resilience.

Fortra's SaaS Cybersecurity Case Studies

Fortra is at the forefront of securing SaaS applications in the digital landscape. Here are a few examples of our commitment through successful case studies.

This global workforce management engagement leader needed to spot trends among a broad data pool to deliver the personalized analytics their customers needed. Being entrusted with “deep insights” and sensitive information, they needed a security program that hit a moving target: providing endpoint to cloud protection while scaling with an ever-growing dataset.

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Turkcell, mobile provider for 83% of the Turkish population, was protecting millions of sensitive Microsoft Office files using a server-based data loss prevention (DLP) solution. They needed a way to build upon their existing security coverage while not uprooting their current Microsoft infrastructure and DLP solution.

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This Fortune 100 software company chronically found its C-suite being impersonated online and faced C-level pressure to avoid costly email-based attacks that could destroy its reputation. The company needed deeper insight into what was happening without the confines of a traditional secure email gateway.

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Fortra’s PhishLabs is a digital risk protection solution tasked with keeping its clients’ organizations, brands, and customers safe from external threats. As their business scaled, they needed ways to put their key players on “high-value tasks” and automate repetitive functions.

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Bill Burns has been trusting Fortra’s Agari to solve business-specific problems for him for six years. Find out why he brought Agari with him to Informatica, an enterprise data management company, and which Agari features make the solution stand above the rest.

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RunBuggy, a vehicle transportation marketplace, needed to catch bugs in their app in real-time, adopt a solution that would integrate seamlessly with AWS, and do it all with zero additional hires. Find out how Fortra’s Alert Logic automation ticked all the boxes and slashed total incident response time in half.

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Trends in Modern Application Protection

In this ebook, John Grady, Senior Analyst at ESG, shares insights gathered from surveying 360+ IT, cybersecurity, and application development professionals involved with web application protection technology and processes in their respective organizations. 

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