Data Security Software from Fortra

Fortra offers award-winning, best-in-class data security solutions that are modular, user-friendly, and flexible enough to address any data security need.

What Does Data Security Software Do?


Whether your organization handles medical records, financial information, or controlled government data, most organizations today have one thing in common: they all create, transfer, and store sensitive data. Not only that, but because of the sharp rise in hybrid work environments and remote workforces, the sensitive data these organizations possess now often moves well outside the bounds of a corporate network, making perimeter-based security models and solutions more and more obsolete.

Data security software ideally helps organizations gain more insight and control over their data, maintain regulatory compliance (be it CUI, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.) and protect their data against breaches and/or attacks. Unfortunately, in many cases, organizations are forced to implement data security software solutions from several different vendors, making their security plans too complex to manage, unnecessarily expensive, and difficult to audit. In addition, some of these solutions focus too much on securing a corporate perimeter (which may not even exist) rather than securing organizations’ data itself. In comparison, Fortra takes a more modern, business-friendly approach to data security software.

Why Choose Fortra Data Security Software Suite


If an organization's goal is to increase visibility over data and to keep that data protected throughout its entire life cycle, that often means it's necessary to create a layered data security plan with multiple solutions in place. While a modern, layered security plan will help to increase data visibility and security, that doesn't mean it will be conducive to sustainable business operations. You may find that one of your newest data security software solutions is causing disruptions in your employees' workflows, it isn't compatible with one of your most-used applications, or it doesn't integrate well with an existing solution.

Whatever the case may be, Fortra's data security software suite is integrated and automated, protects your data regardless of your current IT infrastructure, and is flexible enough to cover virtually any data security need. Rather than being a fixed, “silver-bullet” solution or a solution that simply fills checkboxes, here's what sets our data security software apart from the pack:

Data-centric Security

Perimeter-based data security is becoming an increasingly unrealistic means of protecting your sensitive data from modern threats. Rather than risking your data becoming vulnerable to a perimeter breach, our software solutions protect the data itself regardless of whether it's stored in the cloud or on-premises. Those protections follow the data wherever it travels.

Fortra Data Security Software Suite


Phishing remains one of the most common and lucrative forms of cyberattacks against people and organizations. Agari can help prevent phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover by delivering advanced threat protection for Office 365, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Exchange, and hybrid cloud/on-premises deployments.

Classifier Suite

Classifier Suite (formerly Boldon James) is one of two best-of-breed data classification solutions offered by Fortra, which identifies and prioritizes your data based on its sensitivity and/or your organization's data security policies. 


Clearswift enables secure team collaboration by protecting against inbound cyberattacks and outbound data loss. Clearswift products monitor email, web, and endpoints, sanitizing any potential threats in real time that could otherwise cause a data breach. As part of our SFT Threat Protection Bundle, Clearswift integrates with both GoAnywhere MFT or Globalscape EFT for an extra layer of security for file transfers.

Data Classification Suite

Data Classification Suite (formerly Titus) is one of two best-of-class data classification solutions offered by Fortra. DCS provides data classification, identification, and automation solutions for better regulatory compliance, helping you meet complex requirements such as ITAR, CMMC, and CUI.

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is our cloud-delivered data loss prevention (DLP) solution that gives you full visibility and control over sensitive data usage even in the absence of corporate data security policies. Digital Guardian then allows you to build policies based on how that data moves and create training prompts for employees to promote safer data practices. In addition, Secure Collaboration provides "always-on" data protection that follows your sensitive data wherever it travels, enabling users to easily track files, complete audits, and revoke access to files in real time.


FileCatalyst maximizes the speed of file transfers, allowing for speeds up to hundreds of times faster than methods like FTP, HTTP, SFTP, or CIFS. This solution pairs well with Fortra's managed file transfer (MFT) solutions along with your existing file transfer applications.


Globalscape offers flexible MFT solutions for Windows-centric organizations. We offer both on-premises and SaaS offerings to fit your organization’s unique needs. Comprehensive, user-friendly products support security and compliance while making file transfers totally automated. Globalscape also integrates with Clearswift as part of our SFT Threat Protection Bundle for even more control and protection of your sensitive data.


GoAnywhere automates and encrypts data between an organization and its trading partners. Intuitive and reliable, this MFT solution helps organizations automate and secure file transfers. GoAnywhere also integrates with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration digital rights management as part of our Zero Trust File Transfer Bundle, and with Clearswift as part of our SFT Threat Protection Bundle for even more control and protection of your sensitive data.


PhishLabs' digital risk protection provides real-time insight into external threats along with some of the swiftest and most thorough threat mitigation on the market to protect digital assets against account takeover, data leakage, and external brand, social media, and email threats. PhishLabs' digital risk protection integrates seamlessly with Agari in our Customer Phishing Protection Bundle for comprehensive phishing prevention, detection, and disruption.

Find Out What Data Security Software is Right for Your Organization

Understandably, data security often does not look the same for every organization. You’ll need to consider regulatory compliance, existing security solutions, and your IT budget in the decision-making process of adding new solutions to your portfolio.

If you’re in the earlier stages of crafting a data security plan, knowing where to start and how to choose the right software solutions can be a big challenge. For personalized assistance, we encourage you to get in contact with one of our security experts, who will help you make the best data security decisions for you and your organization now and in the future.