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Getting Started

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Get a Complete View of Your Environment

With Intermapper, you can monitor anything with an IP address—whether physical or virtual—to get a complete view of your environment. Intermapper offers the rich features you need to improve network reliability and reduce operating costs, in an easy-to-use tool. Whether your network is building-wide, campus-wide, or worldwide, with Intermapper, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your network.

 A notifier is the way Intermapper alerts someone about an event. Every time Intermapper detects a change in a device or interface state (from OK, Critical, Warning, Alarm, Down, or some other state), it can trigger a notification/alert. Intermapper has notifiers for sounds, sending email, sending pager and SMS messages, and running scripts.

Things to Try

  • Create a notifier from Edit > Server Settings. Scroll to the Notifier List, and click the + at the lower left corner.
  • Choose from various notification types: email, text/SMS messages, pager, sounds, sending a trap or syslog, sound, running a command-line script, etc.
  • Adjust the Notifier Schedule to change when alerts will be sent.
  • Attach the notifier to a device by right-clicking on a device, selecting Device Notifiers, and checking the boxes for state transitions that should trigger alerts.
  • Attach the notifier to an interface by clicking on an interface, selecting Interfaces > Notifiers Window, and checking the boxes for state transitions that should trigger alerts.