Fortra's Terranova Security

Security awareness training that reduces risk and builds threat resilience.

Security Awareness Training Solutions

Security Training Platform

Terranova Security helps organizations worldwide avoid data breaches and secure sensitive information strengthening the human line of defense. Easily create and deploy award-winning security awareness campaigns designed to change unsafe online behaviors and keep your data safe from phishing, ransomware, malware, smishing, vishing, and other cyber-attacks.  

Every security awareness training solution from Terranova Security is completely customizable, enabling you to tailor every aspect of your core courses, quizzes, phishing simulations, and learning environment to your needs. Using proven, data-driven frameworks, our clients increase training participation rates, ensure knowledge retention, and attain their cyber objectives. 

Reduce the Human Risk Factor 

Build a security-first culture that strengthens the human line of defense and mitigates preventable cybersecurity risk. 

Secure Information and Operations 

Enhance your threat defenses and give customers confidence in your brand’s cybersecurity practices. 

Avoid Falling Victim to Data Breaches 

Prevent negative impacts that result from cyber-attacks, including protracted downtime and financial penalties. 

Powerful, Proven Security Awareness Training

All it takes is one click to leave your organization’s sensitive information to hackers. Keep your information safe with industry-leading security awareness training solutions for your organization. 

Engaging, interactive content
Real-world phishing simulations
In-depth analytics and reporting
End-to-end customization
Always-on expert guidance

About Terranova Security


Terranova Security is proud to be part of Fortra’s comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio. Terranova Security makes it easy to build security awareness campaigns that change unsafe online behaviors and protect sensitive information against phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and other cyber threats. With the help of the powerful protection from Terranova Security and others, Fortra is your relentless ally, here for you every step of the way throughout your cybersecurity journey.