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Secure Sensitive Data Everywhere it Goes

Your data will travel. Shouldn't your security?

Powerful secure collaboration software for ultimate data protection.

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What Makes Your Organization Unique?

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Today’s organizations are collaborating outside their borders, now more than ever. However, the minute you email or share
a file or link, you lose control over how, when, and where that data will be used. You need a way to manage access in real-time, even
when the data is in someone else’s hands.

Secure Collaboration from Fortra's Digital Guardian secures sensitive data through its entire life cycle, everywhere it travels, no matter who has it or where it’s stored. Learn more

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Data Classification (Fortra's Data Classification)

Secure your discovered and classified sensitive PII, PCI, PHI, IP data with Fortra's Classification solution.

DLP (Fortra's Digital Guardian)

Bulletproof your Data Loss Prevention defenses.


Extend file protection in Cloud Access Security Brokers.

Office 365

Protect your sensitive Office documents, PDF, and media Outlook attachments.

The Secure Collaboration Features You Need

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Automatically secure your sensitive data when it’s shared internally and externally.

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Track every time data is accessed throughout it’s lifecycle.

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Mitigate compliance risk with full audit trail.

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Revoke access to sensitive data and files shared with departing employees and 3rd party providers.

No Matter How You Share Your Data, Protect it with Digital Guardian's Secure Collaboration

Secure Digital Rights Management

Security is applied at the individual file level and follows it into perpetuity

Dynamic Access Control

Govern who gets access to a file and what level of access they’re allowed. This can apply at the user Dynamic Access Control, group, or domain level. Revoke access at will

Active File Security

Create & change policies dynamically. Enable or restrict user access in real-time, e.g., Collaborate or View Only, Copy/Paste, Print, Screenshot, Dynamic Watermarking

Flexible Deployment Options

SaaS, Hybrid, or On-Prem (in VPC). Client/agent or View/Edit in Browser (VIB/EIB)

Broad File Format Support

Dynamic, granular control for Microsoft Office files, PDFs, multiple CAD file types, media files, and more

Supports Most Collaboration Systems

Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, OneDrive, On-Prem network shares, and email

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