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Separate the critical events from the noise with security information and event management.

Event Manager relays actionable intelligence that enables you to manage potential vulnerabilities proactively, protecting your business and your customers from devastating data breaches. Our software can become your eyes and ears by aggregating, normalizing, and interpreting the vast data feeds from your cybersecurity monitoring solutions. This can include changes to user profiles and system values, invalid login attempts, intrusion detections, and changed or deleted objects.

Event Manager will spot abnormalities beyond the typical ‘noise’ happening within the data and send alerts to indicate issues. This enables your team to assess disturbances and act on them swiftly to minimize the potential impact.

Watch a short demo to learn more about Event Manager and its features, including:

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Data enrichment

  • Streamlined incident response

  • Built in and tailored integrations

  • Complete audit trails and scheduled reporting

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What Can Event Manager do for Your Organization?

SIEM event prioritization

Detect Threats in Real Time

Automated escalation and streamlined incident response fast-tracks your response time and resolution

SIEM Data Enrichment

Normalize Disparate Data Sources

Consolidate information in one place and translate data into actionable intelligence, providing the context an analyst needs.

SIEM Out-of-the-box Security

Monitor Application Security

Monitor any and every data source, including with in-house applications, third party software or connected devices.