Vityl for Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid cloud refers to a mix of public and private cloud resources. Many organizations are moving their IT footprint to the cloud because running applications in the cloud often removes the capital expense of purchasing hardware and software, which can save money. Cloud deployments also allow IT professionals and business leaders to provision resources more quickly and easily because cloud providers can turn on capacity as needed.

Most organizations that start by using public cloud services are opting for a hybrid IT model, which simply means you run some of your applications in the cloud (public, private, or both) and some on premise.

Hybrid IT allows you to:

  • Take advantage of the cloud’s benefits.
    Deploying applications in the cloud offers many positive aspects, from quick and relatively low start-up costs to flexibility. A hybrid approach allows you to experience those benefits where it makes the most sense.

  • Maintain mission-critical technology on premise.
    Not all workloads have equal cloud potential. For some critical applications and the technology they run on, many IT professionals prefer an on-premise approach, giving them more control.

  • Mitigate risks in cloud migration.
    When IT experts are uncomfortable about the cost and risk involved in migrating key intellectual property from one platform to a new platform in the cloud, hybrid cloud gives them the ability to continue running that application as-is.

  • Avoid cloud vendor lock-in.
    Yet another reason IT pros like the hybrid approach is because of vendor lock-in, meaning the potential risk of putting all your business applications in one cloud provider whose price increase or downtime could negatively impact your business. Having some applications deployed in your data center helps you avoid overreliance on a single cloud provider.


Key Features

  • Provides visibility for hybrid cloud environments
  • Simplifies data access and connects to any data source
  • Built on powerful, automated, and accurate analytics
  • Allows you to meet business needs without overspending

Supported Platforms

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Hypervisors: VMware, RHEV, PowerVM
  • Containers: Docker
  • OS: Linux, Windows, UNIX

Key Integrations

  • Microsoft Azure Monitor
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Google StackDriver
  • VMware vCenter
  • SolarWinds
  • Dynatrace
  • Tivoli Monitoring
  • BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization/Patrol
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
  • HP Operations Bridge
  • ServiceNow
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • CA Nimsoft
  • AppDynamics
  • New Relic
  • Datadog
  • Nagios
  • And more…

Vityl Software for Cloud Management


Vityl software for cloud management gives insight into your hybrid cloud infrastructure for monitoring, optimization, analytics, and cost management. Simplify and automate data access, analysis, and reporting, ensuring that your infrastructure resources meet business needs without overspending.

Single View of Performance Across Hybrid Cloud Environments

Collect and analyze real-time and historical performance data with a cloud management solution. No need to rip and replace data collectors—Vityl can use virtually any data. Or use Vityl data collection to gather the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date measurements possible, as granular as one-second collection for the most demanding IT environments.

Cloud What-If Scenarios

Plan for application movement, new instances, data center moves, and more by running what-if scenarios in Vityl. Estimate impact, cost, and use Vityl’s actionable advice to move forward with cloud endeavors such as:

  • Moving a data center to public or private cloud
  • Configuring non-cloud native applications to operate in the cloud
  • Determining whether a workload would perform better on a physical server or in the cloud (and ensuring uptime if you do need to move it)

Right-Size Hybrid Cloud Resources

Analyze hundreds to thousands of systems to find candidates for consolidation or reclamation. Ensure that you’re only paying for the public cloud you need with accurate predictions of how much cloud you will need to run your applications.

Operate in the Cloud with Confidence

Ensure high-quality service while you move with a seamless transition. Identify opportunities for optimization while you migrate. Monitor all hybrid cloud infrastructure in the same place, whether private or public.

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