Fortra’s Training and Response Bundle Datasheet


Enterprises Are Susceptible to Devastating Email Attacks 

Frontline security stacks fail to stop some advanced email threats—exposing enterprises to attacks. However, excellent Security Awareness Training drives users to identify and report inbox threats, serving as a vital secondary line of defense. 

Trained users are an important part of a layered security strategy. However, threats will persist if SOC teams are overloaded and unprepared to review reported emails and provide feedback, especially if they’re understaffed. If threat reviews and timely feedback are delayed, employees can become unmotivated to report, starving SOCs of valuable threat intelligence and exposing organizations to undue risk. 


Fortra's Training and Response Bundle includes award-winning Security Awareness Training coupled with Suspicious Email Analysis.

Fortra's Security Awareness Training offers:
  • Engaging training modules that change unsafe user behaviors
  • Real-world phishing simulations that provide vital threat intel
  • A tailored training experience that significantly reduces risk
Fortra's Suspicious Email Analysis offers:
  • Managed review and mitigation to reduce SOC workload
  • Enhanced detection accuracy across the organization
  • Thorough examination of reported emails through expert analysis & automated reviews
  • Responsive feedback loop to quickly update reporters & the SOC team

Complete Inbox Protection to Ensure Threat Prevention


Fortra’s Training and Response Bundle stops email threats by delivering world-class Security Awareness Training and Suspicious Email Analysis. Our managed service ensures advanced email threats are identified, easily reported, and quickly mitigated. A swift response from our dedicated SOC team follows each report to encourage future reporting and provide updates on the status of the threat. Fortra’s comprehensive Email Security solution reduces the workload on your SOC, enhances the accuracy of threat detection, and features a fast and responsive feedback loop. 

Security Awareness Training
Fortra delivers world-class Security Awareness Training with integrated response through Suspicious Email Analysis


Strengthen Data Protection with World-Class Training


Fortra’s Terranova Security, a global leader in cybersecurity awareness training, helps organizations worldwide create security-aware cultures that prioritize strong data protection. With engaging, customizable courses and game-style modules, end users acquire the knowledge to detect and avoid prevalent cyber threats. This learning process is bolstered by real-world phishing simulation templates that provide employees with valuable, hands-on experience facing cyberattacks they may encounter in their day-to-day routines. End-to-end customization and support means Terranova Security’s comprehensive training solution helps organizations reduce risk and permanently change unsafe online behaviors. 

Terranova Security's Training

Expert Shakedown of Inbox Takedowns


Fortra simplifies the reporting of suspicious emails through a “Report Phish” button deployed directly in your email browser. Each email is examined by our SOC team, through a combination of human analysis and machine-vetted reviews, ensuring expert detection while reducing stress on your SOC. Reported threats are checked against Fortra’s Global Inbox Threat Intelligence, which includes threat indicators from your users, our global user base, and other Fortra intel sources—such as our Credential Theft and Social Media Protection services—to quickly identify threats.

Finally, a responsive feedback loop updates your team and quick and thorough mitigation ensures threats are stopped. Fortra can also feed threat indicators to your SOAR/SIEM or custom email security stack to mitigate attacks on multiple users and strengthen security points against future threats. 

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