Gaining Control of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulations

Download your comprehensive guide to FinServ’s mandatory cybersecurity requirements  

Here’s your one-stop guide to cybersecurity regulations for the financial services industry — from the U.S. to the UAE. Find out how Fortra’s powerful portfolio can streamline financial service security compliance for your organization. 

Financial Cybersecurity Regulations to Know  
  • PCI DSS — Protecting the payment card industry against liability 
  • SWIFT — International electronic messaging standards for banks 
  • FFIEC — Regulations for the federal examination of financial institutions 
  • SOX — Mandatory financial reporting and information availability standards 
  • IRS 1075 — Requirements for the secure handling of federal tax information (FTI) 
  • GLBA — Financial sector guidelines for protecting nonpublic personal information 
  • SEC — Requires the mandatory filing of periodic financial statements 
  • GDPR — EU legislation outlining the permitted use of personally identifiable information (PII) 
  • UAE IE — Technical controls regarding the protection of critical data in the United Arab Emirates  

Download the guide and discover how Fortra solutions help financial services organizations meet cybersecurity regulations for their sector.