[WEBINAR] Nowhere Left to Hide: Exposing Financial Services Fraudsters Who Hide in Plain Sight

Security leaders of financial institutions have some of the most demanding job descriptions in the industry. Threat actors go where the money goes, and let’s just say that a certain industry has a giant sign hanging above it.

As teams try to crack down on enterprise security, cybercriminals continue to attack on multiple fronts. With the complexity of the financial sector increasing every day – with new banking apps, insurance APIs, lending platforms, mortgage software, online banking, and more – there are plenty of places one wouldn’t think to look.

In this webinar, Fortra shows financial services security professionals how to take the fight to them and find financial fugitives, wherever they might be hiding on the network.

After all, these cybercriminals use the same banks, email providers, hosting sites, and infrastructure as the rest of us to carry out their nefarious activities. Why not use that face to our advantage and point them out in that same familiar architecture, leaving them no place to hide?

Hear what Fortra is doing to help financial services organizations not only defend against cybercriminals but also shine a light on where they are and disrupt their fraudulent operations. Join us to learn:

•    What to do when a FinServ employee gets engaged in a BEC scam 
•    Effective ways to protect customers from credential compromise on “look-alike” sites 
•    Other ways to catch financial criminals in the act

Fortra’s John Wilson, Senior Fellow, Threat Research, and Antonio Sanchez, Principal Evangelist, cover what it takes to spot hidden instances of FinServ cybercrime and stop them before it’s too late. 

*This webinar is offered at multiple times.

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Aug 01, 2024
All day
45 Min.