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Live Webinar
Join capacity management expert Bob Torz as he walks you through some simple tips and tricks that will go a long way in optimizing your organization’s existing assets and pinpointing opportunities for improvement in the future.
Live Webinar

Discover Easy and Affordable High Availability

Join our IBM i experts as they showcase how easy it is to navigate Robot HA, the simplicity it brings to creating new rules, and why it's so affordable.

How Fortra Supports the Zero Trust Journey

What Zero Trust means, tips for getting started, and how Fortra solutions support your Zero Trust security journey.
On-Demand Webinar

Demystifying Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security has taken on a fad-like identity. Misconceptions and lack of education have led to confusion around what Zero Trust is and how to implement its tenants – undermining the powerful role it can play in improving security maturity. In this webinar, we’ll simplify the concept of Zero Trust and share guidance from both the business as well as the security perspective to help your...
On-Demand Webinar

The Practice of Pen Testing: 2023 Survey Results Revealed

With penetration testing becoming an increasingly universal part of security strategies and compliance requirements, knowledge sharing and analysis grows more critical when defining best practices. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving cyber resilience through proactive security assessments, Fortra's Core Security conducts an annual survey of cybersecurity professionals on the usage and...
Live Event
The AusCERT Conference is the oldest information security conference in Australia. With approximately 900 participants and approximately 50 sponsors. AusCERT2023 will be the 22nd annual Cyber Security Conference. Visit Fortra at Booth.B18
Live Webinar

Expert Advice on IBM i in the Cloud

Join Tom Huntington and cloud expert Tom Horan to gain insight into best practices for IBM i in the cloud and to hear how real organizations have approached cloud migration.

2023 Pen Testing Report

Over the years, penetration testing has become an integral component in proactive approaches to security, evaluating and prioritizing risk before breaches occur. Through the exploitation of identified security vulnerabilities, penetration testing can effectively measure the feasibility of systems or end-user compromise and evaluate any related consequences such incidents may have on the involved...

2023 Zero Trust Security Report

Find out how 400 cybersecurity professionals are prioritizing and implementing a Zero Trust security approach, as well as tips and insights into getting started, in this 2023 report sponsored by Cybersecurity Insiders and Fortra.
Live Webinar
Fortra's Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that makes it easy for everyone from small businesses to enterprise organizations to exchange files with business partners. Join our upcoming webinar to explore why utilizing a flexible secure file transfer solution is key and how to get started using Globalscape’s many security...