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Fortra takes being your cybersecurity ally seriously. That’s why we’ve been challenging the security status quo in 2024, and we’ve got the tangible results to prove it. We’re leaving our mark on the market with new extended detection and response capabilities, enhanced threat intelligence, BEC research, responsive development, strategic partnerships, and more! On July 17,...
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Join IBM i CTO & Chief Architect/IBM Distinguished Engineer Steve Will and IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington on July 18th to hear their unique perspective on the direction of this platform.

Understanding The White House’s 2024 Cybersecurity Report

To protect against mounting threats to national security via nation-state cyberattacks, domestic ransomware attacks, and threats to critical infrastructure, The White House issued its 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy. This recently released 2024 report reviews progress made towards achieving those outlined objectives.
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IBM i Performance Week

Robot Monitor and Performance Navigator are powerhouses when it comes to performance monitoring and management. That’s why it’s essential for your team to understand how to harness their raw potential and put them to work so that nothing you deem critical slips through the cracks. This webinar series is your chance!
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Investopedia: How to Report Identity Theft

What should you do if you’ve experienced identity theft? In his discussion with Investopedia, John Wilson highlights the steps to take if your identity is stolen and shares tips on how to prevent it in the first place.

How to Use Upskilling and Reskilling to Scale Your Cybersecurity Team

The cybersecurity skills shortage is not just an ongoing inconvenience—it is a serious vulnerability that can be exploited by attackers. But how can organizations go about patching this gap while the talent gap endures? The answer lies in leveraging the resources you already have on hand: your existing workforce. How do you transform your personnel to meet today’s cybersecurity demands? One way...
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Join IBM i security expert Amy Williams on June 20th to learn how to make your audit journal data more easily accessible and how to set up your audit journal so that critical information doesn’t go unnoticed.
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Be an Automation Hero: Unleash Your Superhuman Abilities

Facing increased workloads, fewer resources, and waiting for someone to come save the day? Never fear, Fortra’s Automate is here! Automate takes the power of robotic process automation (RPA) to new heights using four distinct capabilities. These superpowers come together to turn anyone—regardless of coding experience—from a zero to an automation hero. In this on-demand webinar, Darrell Walker,...
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Managed File Transfer (MFT) technology enables modern businesses to secure and automate file sharing, collaborate with external parties, and seamlessly integrate with cloud environments. Discover the power of Fortra’s GoAnywhere, chosen as the best MFT solution in the market by users, in this webinar. In just 45 minutes, you'll gain insights into: Streamlining file...