2023 Gone Phishing Tournament Report

Working with Microsoft to create a real-world simulation experience, this report provides a true phishing behavior benchmarking opportunity for organizations worldwide.
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How to Transfer IBM i Data to Microsoft Excel

Join our data access expert Greg Schmidt on April 4th as he demonstrates how you can simplify the process of getting data from multiple sources—including Db2 for i—into Excel.
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Feeling limited by the native actions available in your automation software? While native actions are a great building block for user-friendly automation, sometimes you want more flexibility with your integrations. Automate’s custom actions enable you to create your own functionality between your applications and your automation for more control over your workflows. Join Austin Stanley, Technical...

The 10 Principles of Automation

Our experts developed the following best practices for easing automation implementation and advancing automated operations over the course of 30 years of working to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Let the countdown begin!
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2023 Gone Phishing Tournament Results

Join Fortra experts, and guest speakers from The National Cybersecurity Alliance and Microsoft, as they present highlights and discuss results from the 2023 Gone Phishing Tournament. With over 1.5 million emails sent to participating end users, it’s one of the biggest phishing simulation events of its kind!

Going Beyond the GUI

Modernization is more than simply switching from a green screen to a GUI. To have a truly modern IBM i data center, you must consider all areas of IT from your software and applications to your hardware and devices to the processes that support the whole operation. This guides helps you modernize your IBM i from the ground up.