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Fortra's Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that makes it easy for everyone from small businesses to enterprise organizations to exchange files with business partners. Join our upcoming webinar to explore why utilizing a flexible secure file transfer solution is key and how to get started using Globalscape’s many security...
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There are many protocols and methods to transfer data with customers and trading partners, all with varying benefits and drawbacks. Cloud platforms offer native tools to transfer data, but they are not interoperable with other cloud uses and configurations. This results in companies having disparate methods of sharing data which can become confusing, ineffective to manage, and hard to keep secure...
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The Safe and Secure Replacement for RUNRMTCMD

Two years ago, IBM stopped supporting the RUNRMTCMD due to security concerns. Join our experts as they reveal how Robot Schedule Enterprise replaces RUNRMTCMD safely and securely.
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Join our upcoming webinar to explore why utilizing a secure file transfer solution is key and how to get started using GoAnywhere MFT’s many file transfer, security, and collaboration features. Learn how to manage your file transfers better when you attend this webinar. See how GoAnywhere can: Resolve file transfer headaches Protect sensitive data from external risks Achieve key compliance...
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Engage People, Drive Tech Efficiencies, Change Cultures & Embed Real, Lasting Improvements With Brand New & Improved, Streamlined & High-Performing Continuous Process Excellence & Business Improvements Engaging Leaders & Securing Buy-In ■ Engagement & Culture ■ Continuous Improvement ■ Methodologies & Schools Of Thought ■ Tech Efficiencies Automation: AI & ML ■ Data-Driven Efficiencies ■ Measuring...

Putting a Hug Around Acquisitions: Donnie MacColl

Donnie MacColl says Fortra makes acquisitions successful by putting a hug around the companies it welcomes to the family. Discover why the senior director of technical services and GDPR data protection officer says he’s never been happier at work.