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Boost Your Cloud Security with MFT

Whether your files reside in the public cloud, private cloud, or within a hybrid environment, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) delivers the security and control you need to move data confidently between systems, locations, users, and trading partners. In this video, Ray Sutton, Solutions Engineer, and Tim Shaw, Solutions Engineer, Fortra, will provide a high-level look at GoAnywhere MFT’s...
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Hacking Humans: Unmasking the Deceptive

What are the most common phishing techniques used by cybercriminals? John Wilson joined the Hacking Humans podcast to discuss phishing and email impersonation attacks, and strategies organizations can use to stay safe.

What’s New on Release Day 2023.4

In this issue discover how Fortra has strengthened email security and phishing protection with new rules and automation. Additionally, offensive security has added new capabilities, while data security has improved incident workflows for better threat remediation.

Patch Tuesday Update November 2023

This month brings us 63 Microsoft CVEs and 15 non-Microsoft CVEs, with Microsoft continuing the recent trend of splitting out CVEs. To understand this a bit more, we need to talk about CVE Numbering Authorities or CNAs.
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an excellent partner in cloud security, unburdening their customers by looking after a lot. But your team is still responsible for securing your own customer data, platform, and applications; performing identity and access management; encrypting data and file systems; setting up network traffic protections, and more. There is a right tool for these tasks — Fortra. Join...
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The Two Faces of SQL on IBM i

Join our IBM i monitoring experts on December 14th for a webinar on how to tackle the two faces of SQL on IBM i. We demonstrate how you can both monitor SQL activity on your system while also creating user-defined SQL statements to retrieve and monitor nearly anything automatically for unlimited flexibility.

Getting Started with IBM i Security: Malware/Ransomware

Just like any other OS, Power systems are highly vulnerable to malware attacks if the proper security measures are not put in place. Watch this recording for some critical tips and best practices for protecting your systems from malware. If you would like more detail on how to create an effective malware defense strategy, you can watch the full, one hour version of this recorded webinar: Malware...
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With cybersecurity such a significant priority for individuals, organisations, and governments around the world, all eyes are on what the future holds for the industry in 2024. In this session, cybersecurity experts from Fortra and guest analyst, Jess Burn, Forrester, make their predictions on what will shape the landscape next year and beyond, including: Adopting a “best of platform” approach...