The 10 Principles of Automation

Our experts developed the following best practices for easing automation implementation and advancing automated operations over the course of 30 years of working to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Let the countdown begin!

Going Beyond the GUI

Modernization is more than simply switching from a green screen to a GUI. To have a truly modern IBM i data center, you must consider all areas of IT from your software and applications to your hardware and devices to the processes that support the whole operation. This guides helps you modernize your IBM i from the ground up.

Why IBM i? Power and Scalability for a New IT Generation

Operating systems like IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) are based on technology that has proven its effectiveness for decades, and many of the largest Fortune 500 companies, among others, continue to use “the i” today. What follows are 14 reasons why it's smart to have IBM i in your 21st century data center.

Is the AS/400 Dead?

Many IT professionals still use the term AS/400. But can a platform that was introduced in 1988 still be relevant today? The answers typically surprise people.

How to Succeed at IBM i Security

Find out where security plans are running off course and how you can make a completely attainable plan to succeed.
Live Webinar
Join this webinar on March 28th to learn about the biggest errors made when securing an IBM i server. This knowledge is critical for ensuring the integrity of your application data and for meeting compliance mandates, including SOX, PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA.

IBM i: History and Timeline

Did you know that IBM i’s origins pre-date the AS/400 server? Read on for IBM i operating system history and the IBM server history that has supported this powerful platform for decades.

Patch Tuesday Update February 2024

This month , Microsoft released updates for 73 Microsoft issued CVEs as well as 6 non-Microsoft CVEs. While not mentioned in the release notes, there’s an additional CVE referenced within the Microsoft API -- CVE-2024-21626, a vulnerability resolved in CBL-Mariner, a Microsoft developed Linux distribution used as the base container OS in Azure. The commit for this Mariner vulnerability contains...
News Article

Finance Derivative: GenAI in Cyber

In this Finance Derivative article, Donnie MacColl discusses how cybercriminals leverage GenAI to do more in less time and shares tips on utilizing AI to fight back.