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MOTOR: EVs and Cybercrime

What are the cybersecurity must-haves for electric vehicles? In this MOTOR Information Systems article, Antonio Sanchez discusses the EV market and potential cyber threats related to EVs.
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IT Nerd: American Privacy Rights Act Unveiled

The recently unveiled American Privacy Rights Act is a significant step toward establishing a federal data privacy standard in the U.S. Antonio Sanchez spoke with IT Nerd and shared his observations about the legislation.
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Our Strengthen Your Defenses: Globalscape’s Best Practices customer webinar on May 23rd will zero in on Globalscape’s System Architecture and Best Practices guides, which detail the best practices and configurations to help you further strengthen the security of your Globalscape environment. Fortra Solutions Engineers, Richard Foresyth and Jacob Bernal, will cover: Updates to the most recent...
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Why Don't Companies Role Swap?

Join this live webinar to learn why companies aren't role swapping and how simple role swaps can be with Robot HA’s intuitive technology and dedicated services team.

2024 Pen Testing Report

Penetration testing has become a cornerstone of proactive security strategies by offering a practical way to assess security by using real-world attack techniques to gauge the feasibility of a threat actor compromising an IT enterprise. Through the exploitation of security vulnerabilities, pen testers can determine which security weaknesses pose the most risk and provide guidance for remediation...
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In today’s dynamic threat landscape, the reality is that a combination of expertly executed tools and a skilled security team are crucial to realizing the full potential of tools. With a managed XDR approach, you can more effectively achieve the security outcomes you seek and strengthen your security posture.
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Drilldown Options in Sequel Viewpoint

Join Brandy Lulling on May 22nd for this training-focused webinar where she will walk you through a step-by-step approach on how to deliver these valuable drilldown processes to your users.
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Your organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Retaining data properly helps ensure you meet industry compliance requirements and keep the trust of your customers or trading partners. Whatever your organization’s specific data retention policies may be, you’ll need to ensure that your data is secured at rest as well as in motion, with robust auditing and reporting of all file movements.

Abusing Data to Avoid Detection: Cybercriminal Adoption of Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is one of many tactics phishing site authors use to evade security checks and lengthen the lifespan of malicious campaigns. While browser fingerprinting has been used by legitimate organizations to uniquely identify web browsers for nearly 15 years, it is now commonly exploited by cybercriminals.