Managed Digital Risk Protection

Expert-managed digital risk protection through curated threat intelligence and complete mitigation

External Digital Threats Overwhelm Security Teams


Managed Digital Risk Protection from Fortra’s PhishLabs protects data and digital assets from advanced threats. Our collection, expert-curated intelligence, and complete mitigation services are designed to remove the daily management burden from security teams and deliver managed protection from external cyberthreats that enterprises need.

Comprehensive Visibility
Reduced Noise
Complete Mitigation

DRP Centers of Excellence


Fortra’s PhishLabs delivers a critical mass of managed, threat-specific technology and operations for your organization. Intelligence is sourced from a wide variety of threats earlier in the attack process, giving you visibility into attacks before material damage can be done. Collected intelligence is curated by our specialists using threat-specific processes and context. Mitigation is enhanced with handling procedures and workflows designed to quickly mitigate threats through pre-established relationships. As a result, we deliver unparalleled threat detection and mitigation.

Brand Protection

Look-alike domains, fake social profiles, and rogue mobile apps can result in fraud losses and security incidents by impersonating trusted brands. Fortra’s brand experts can continuously monitor the web and mobile app stores on your behalf to identify abuse, determine severity, and remove threats. And ongoing domain monitoring detects any resurfaced content for continuous protection against a variety of abuse that may be threatening your brand.

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