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Digital Risk Protection

Digital Risk Protection through curated threat intelligence and complete mitigation 

What is Digital Risk Protection?


Digital Risk Protection safeguards your organization’s critical digital assets from cyber threats through expert-curated threat intelligence and complete mitigation.

Specialized teams use threat-specific technology and operations to safeguard critical digital assets and protect against brand impersonation, account takeover, social media threats, data leakage, and advanced email threats across the digital landscape.

Fortra is the leader in Digital Risk Protection, providing comprehensive collection, expert curation, and complete mitigation of cyber threats. Our Centers of Excellence bring together a critical mass of specialized technology and operations focused on specific external threats. This allows us to deliver superior threat visibility, high fidelity detection, unmatched mitigation, and the best outcomes for clients to minimize costly attacks and brand damage.


How it Works

Developed over a decade in partnership with the world’s most targeted brands, the Fortra Digital Risk Protection platform delivers comprehensive collection, expert curation, and complete mitigation of the digital risks targeting your brands, customers, and employees.

Digital Risk Protection Solutions from Fortra

Different threats demand different approaches. For example, look-alike domains and fake social accounts are two very different problems that require distinct collection, curation, and mitigation. Using the same technology and operations for both leads to neither being addressed well.

Through established Centers of Excellence, Fortra provides a critical mass of threat-specific technology and operations. Our Centers of Excellence drive collection efforts to source intelligence that delivers better visibility into threats early in the attack process. Collected intelligence is curated by specialists using threat-specific processes and context. Mitigation is enhanced with handling procedures and workflows purposefully designed to mitigate specific threat types as quickly and thoroughly as possible. As a result, clients get unparalleled threat detection and mitigation.

Brand Protection

Detect and mitigate digital brand abuse by continuously monitoring the web, social media, mobile app stores, and email to identify threats and remove damaging content. Ongoing domain monitoring detects resurfaced content for protection against all types of relevant brand abuse.

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