HelpSystems is Now Fortra: Channel Rebrand Hub

We’re here to help our partners through this change. In this Rebrand Hub, you’ll find FAQs, logo files, messaging, and more.  

Watch the Meet Fortra Webinar


Watch the webinar where Fortra leaders share the story behind our new name and what it means when we say we’re tenacious in our pursuit of a stronger, simpler future for cybersecurity. Here we discuss key updates to our portfolio, including the Fortra One platform, Bundles, and how our advanced threat research and intelligence informs everything we do. 

Fortra FAQs

HelpSystems has rebranded to Fortra.  

We’ve already begun to transform the industry by bringing leading solutions into one best-in-class portfolio, creating a stronger line of defense from a single provider. But reaching our goal will require additional change. We believe Fortra better reflects our mission and leans into our aspirations.  

The name Fortra speaks to strength and security, as we strive to become our customers’ cybersecurity ally. The A in Fortra — the Greek letter delta, a symbol for positive change, reflects the positive change we seek to bring to the industry. Please note the delta symbol is only used in the official logo, not in writing. 

No. The company name change to Fortra will not change the Channel Program.  

No. The channel program you are currently enrolled in will remain the same for the remainder of the 2022 calendar year.  

As with most organizations, we are currently in the midst of our planning process. We are working to put together a plan to best support our partners over time

You can send your customers to our press release to learn more about the rebrand. You can also download messaging examples in the "Downloadable Resources" section below. Messaging is available in both English and Spanish. 

No. All product lines and product names will remain a key part of the Fortra portfolio. Please refer to the copy guidelines on how to reference all product lines and products within the Fortra portfolio. 

You can find the Fortra Brand Guidelines here

Product line logos are going away and should be replaced with the Fortra logo.  

You can download all Fortra logo files here

Key Fortra assets for each product brand will be available to our partners in the partner portals. You can also download our rebranded asset list. For additional assistance, a Channel Rebrand Support Form is available in the partner portals.  

Fortra Corporate Marketing is currently planning to have branding updated by May of 2023. More information will be provided to our partners in Q1 of 2023 to assist with your branding updates.  

Fortra should always be written with a capital “F” and lowercase “ortra” – Fortra   

When referring to a Fortra product, product line, or solution, use the possessive form of Fortra. For example: 

  • Fortra’s Product Line  
    • Fortra’s Alert Logic 
    • Fortra’s GoAnywhere 
    • Etc.  
  • Fortra’s Product 
  • Fortra’s Solution 

You can also find this information in the Brand Guidelines.  

The Fortra Channel Program solution groups are: 

  • Fortra’s Email Security & MFT 
  • Fortra’s Data Protection 
  • Fortra’s Threat Intelligence 
  • Fortra’s Automation 
  • Fortra’s Identity & Access Management 
  • Fortra’s Infrastructure Protection 

The full partnership solution groups can be found on the Channel Program webpage. 

Please contact your Channel Manager or fill our the Partner Rebrand Support Form if you have additional questions. 

Downloadable Resources

Logos & Branding Elements  

Download the new Fortra logo, logomark, and brand guidelines. 

Promotional Images 

Use the following images throughout your promotions.  


Please use the following messaging as guidance to help share the Fortra story. The below links contain messaging for customers, partners, and social posts. 

Additional messaging can be found in our Brand Guidelines. 

Updated Resources  

Resources will be updated over time. Visit your partner portal for updated assets.  

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