Extended Detection and Response

An expansive managed approach to providing visibility across the full IT estate 

What Is Fortra XDR?


Fortra XDR is a fully managed service tailored for organizations challenged by limited resources and expertise, or those struggling to achieve their desired security outcomes with their current security stack. Our XDR solution broadens security coverage to every layer of your environment – endpoint, network, identity, and cloud – to quickly detect and respond to threats. 

Benefits of XDR Solutions

Fully Managed Security

Your environment is monitored 24/7, with critical and high incidents addressed by our security operations center within 15 minutes. 

Complete Visibility

Visibility extends across the entire IT estate including endpoints, networks, identity, and cloud, as well as third-party vendors and sources. 

Advanced Threat Analysis

Diverse data is identified, analyzed, and correlated to provide valuable contextual insights into potential threats. 

Seamless Integration

Integrate your existing tools including third-party EDR, network, and identity solutions, as well as existing infrastructure, to realize continued value from prior investments. 

Automated Response

Gain efficiency through automation for common use cases such as host isolation. 

Proven Lightweight Endpoint Agent

Fortra XDR leverages a lightweight Fortra agent uniquely designed to target endpoint telemetry. 

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Fortra’s XDR delivers peace of mind from threats by combining 24/7 SaaS security with visibility and detection coverage across all attack surfaces. Our technology, research, and expertise is your advantage.

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