Forbes: 1 in 4 ID Theft Victims Had Thousands Of Dollars Stolen During The Pandemic. Here’s How To Keep Your Financial Info Safe

Posted on July 14, 2022 | Data Protection , IT Infrastructure Protection

An alarming number of Americans say they experienced identity theft, or attempted identity theft, during the pandemic. Forbes contributor, Kelly Anne Smith takes a detailed look at identity theft and provides 5 tips on how to protect yourself from it. Featuring John Wilson, Senior Fellow, Threat Research. 

Originally published on Forbes Advisor


"The financial account fraud happened in tandem with a slew of Covid-relief scams. Many scammers targeted Covid relief programs, including unemployment benefits and stimulus checks. A watchdog for the Department of Labor estimates a significant chunk of at least $163 billion in unemployment-related overpayments were obtained through fraud, with the FTC reporting a 3,000% increase overall in reports of identity theft involving public benefits from 2019-2020.

Experts say that federal and state governments bear some responsibility for the fraud by not providing top-notch security measures to help protect consumers while doling out pandemic aid.

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