How Fortra Supports the Zero Trust Journey

What Zero Trust Means

The assumption that data has a clear, defined protective perimeter has eroded. Within a Zero Trust philosophy, organizations recognize and accept that, despite our best efforts, there will continue to be data breaches. Zero Trust Architecture provides a multi-faceted access control approach for the modern enterprise, built around the principle that trust must be continuously verified. When a breach inevitably occurs, a Zero Trust framework reduces the attack surface, reduces risk, and ensures that if a device, network, or user/credential is compromised, the damage is quickly contained and remediated through continuous testing and improvement.

Zero Trust gives the whole organization – from business users to IT to security – a unique opportunity to communicate and collaborate on their initiatives to adopt a Zero Trust approach.

Getting Started with Zero Trust


Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” solution that will automatically make an organization adopt a Zero Trust approach. Zero Trust is not limited to a specific type of technology, but rather, a set of strategies meant to improve security maturity and resilience. Rather than try to apply Zero Trust to every part of the organization, a pragmatic, step-by-step approach can be an effective way to start making progress and seeing results.

Consider starting with determining:

  1.  What to protect. Start with simple categorization. Identify the most important assets, systems, and data the organization needs to protect.
  2.  What to protect it from. Whether it’s identity, over-privileged access from users, a large attack surface, etc., understand what the key threats are.
  3. A feasible approach to implementation. Break it down into simple steps. Identify opportunities system by system to reduce risk and privilege.

Zero Trust comes down to defining the needs of your business and applying the appropriate controls. Continuous steps in the direction of Zero Trust will add up to success over time and ultimately help make environments safer.

Fortra's Cybersecurity Solutions


Fortra works with customers across every industry on their Zero Trust journeys. Rather than solve every piece of the Zero Trust puzzle, we serve as an ally and partner in the process, helping first identify the problems you need to solve and then determining what controls will fit your problem set.

We offer a comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio of leading data security and infrastructure protection solutions and services. Here are the some of the key areas of our portfolio that assist in building a Zero Trust approach.

Let’s Talk about Your Zero Trust Journey

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