How Can You Keep Data Secure in Your Organization?

A guide to choosing the best solutions for your needs


In today’s constantly evolving threat landscape, it’s never been more critical to tighten data security measures. But how do you evaluate which data security methods and technology will be right for your organization?

While there’s no magic “one-size-fits-all” software choice, considering your organization’s specific challenges and use cases will help highlight potential solutions to explore.

Use this short guide to explore how to keep data secure and what data security solutions you might need:

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Who is Fortra?

We help you stay ahead of today’s ever-changing threats and protect business-critical data with automated security solutions.

Data Security Challenges

What specific challenges do you need to solve?



Data Classification allows you to label data with accuracy and specificity, so you can manage, protect, and share it according to internal policies and requirements.

Digital Risk Protection protects digital assets from external brand, account takeover, social media, data leakage, and advanced email threats, through curated threat intelligence and unmatched mitigation.

Trigger protection by Digital Rights Management, including encryption, access management, and policy management, based on a document’s Data Classification level.

Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention solutions work together to both identify sensitive data, and use easy-to-configure, flexible, policy-based tools to ensure it remains private and secure as it is shared with authorized recipients.


While there is no silver bullet solution for Zero Trust Security, you can take steps to validate everyone and everything that is attempting to access your data, and revoke access instantly as needed. Properly classifying data gives you the critical context you need to implement a Zero Trust approach.  You can then authenticate access points, verify identifies, and limit data access with a Digital Rights Management solution. When used in combination with Managed File Transfer, you can share files securely and encrypt them end-to-end, ensuring only authorized users can access the data – and revoke access instantly if needed. 

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention stops data loss wherever data lives, allowing you to detect and respond to threats, protecting data whether it is in use, in motion, or at rest.

Email Security stops compromising tactics and account takeover attacks in their tracks before they pose a risk to your sensitive data.

Through automated DMARC implementation, Email Security protects your organization from attacks that could ruin your reputation.


Managed File Transfer simplifies, secures, and automates enterprise file transfers using a centralized enterprise-level approach.

Managed File Transfer offers secure accelerated file transfer capabilities that are hundreds of times faster than FTPs. This allows organizations to transfer a large amount of data quickly and securely, including over greater-than-usual distances.

Digital Rights Management allows you to securely share data, especially sensitive Intellectual Property or financial and legal data, with third parties who are external to your organization. Protection follows the files and controls who can access them everywhere they go.

Working together, Data Classification can ensure documents are labeled as confidential and emails are appropriately classified before they are sent. If confidential content and PII are identified when the email is sent, they can be redacted via Email Security solutions. Encryption protects the email when it is sent. Digital Rights Management ensures only authorized users can see and access both email content and attachments.

Together, Data Classification, Managed File Transfer, and Digital Rights Management can transfer files securely while ensuring only authorized recipients can access the files.

Protecting Data in Your Industry



We need to share large files with suppliers who are cleared for International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) data and prevent unauthorized data sharing


Working together, Data Classification can identify and classify your ITAR data, then Digital Rights Management can apply encryption and access control to files to ensure data is only accessible by authorized recipients. Securely transfer data to authorized suppliers with Managed File Transfer and DLP, working with Digital Rights Management to prevent access by unauthorized recipients.



We need to securely share patient data with third parties, while reducing risk of breach.


Email Security encrypts patient data, and Managed File Transfer and DLP together securely transfer that data to authorized recipients only. Data Classification ensures data is labelled appropriately so it can be handled according to security and compliance policies.



We need to allow community members to submit evidence for law enforcement, including video footage and other documentation of any size, while reducing risk of malware.


Capture relevant information from the community, inspect it for malware, route the data, and securely share it with Managed File Transfer and DLP working together.



We need to allow business partners and customers to collaborate securely and remotely, by identifying, classifying, and encrypting data, as well as setting access control on it.


Label sensitive data in accordance with company policy with Data Classification, apply encryption and access control to ensure data is only accessible by authorized recipients with Digital Rights Management, and execute content protection policies for email attachments requiring additional security with Email Security.



We need to share classified data on a secure network with another nation, while reducing risks and unauthorized exposure.


Data Classification labels data, and Managed File Transfer securely transfers it to a third party, while DLP prevents unauthorized transfers

Data Security Solutions from Fortra, the new face of HelpSystems

Fortra provides tools to help improve your organization’s data security and compliance posture. Our data security solutions allow you to understand your sensitive data and keep it secure throughout its lifecycle, no matter where it resides (on premise or in the cloud), or how it’s shared.

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